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Fatty liver disease

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Apr 2020
4:21pm, 13 Apr 2020
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I recently had a ultrasound which I have every five years to check for any aortic abnormalities, this was after my Dads aortic aneurism in 2003.

I had a call from the Doc today to say that it is all clear but they had detected a mild case of fatty liver disease. He said it was nothing to be hugely alarmed about but it could be if left unchecked, he also said that I should lose
at least 10% of my current body weight. I am about two stone overweight so that won’t hurt me at all. Looking online at some of the dietary advice I seem to eat most of the good stuff (just not fish or meat) but I need to cut down massively on my carbs, especially potatoes, pasta and bread.

Any other advice from medical people or anyone that has successfully controlled it?
Apr 2020
4:35pm, 13 Apr 2020
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Gary Taubes - Why we get fat and what to do about it.

A bit long in the tooth now, and lots of other good supporting books now. But it is very good at explaining the science, and in a way that you can apply it to figure out what would work for you.

Bit you are right at the most basic level. Carbohydrates are your primary thing to go for. Just do not go low calorie because of it, up your healthy fats to compensate.

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I recently had a ultrasound which I have every five years to check for any aortic abnormalities, thi...

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