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Exercising when taking Sotalol

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Apr 2012
8:00pm, 1 Apr 2012
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Can any of you medical types offer any insight on this? I'm having to take this again as my AF has become a bit of an issue again. I'm assuming that if the AF is feeling under control when taking it then I should be OK to run? My GP was a little vague and my Cardiology appt has been put back until May 1. Any info gratefully received...
Apr 2012
9:03pm, 1 Apr 2012
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Sotalol is primarily a beta blocker, though it does have other actions.
Beta blockers may (or may not) limit your maximum heart rate and your ability to 'work hard' when exercising.

However, millions of people take beta blockers, and whilst they aren't breaking records at the olympics, they aren't having problems at the level most of us are functioning at.

If you are being given Sotalol it sounds like for the moment at least, they are just trying to control your heart rate rather than get you back into a normal rhythm. The AF will still be there, but you won't be at the dangerous fast heart rate end. The AF may well limit your maximum effort more than the Sotalol.

The safest thing to do is wait for cardiology though. A fast heart rate in AF is potentially dangerous. The Sotalol will be aiming to control you at rest, running will put your heart rate up and may well expose you to the risks associated with 'fast AF'.
Apr 2012
11:44pm, 1 Apr 2012
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Thanks for the reply. The sotalol seems to be the drug that was settled on some years ago. I was advised to take it went troubled by AF, and don't have to take it all the time. It's a strange condition, I've experienced issues since I was young on and off . 7 years ago, I was on the waiting list for catheter ablation. But it all improved hugely and I took myself off the waiting list with the approval of the Cardio. I'm conscious that it's a bit different when you are 43 as opposed to being 19 or even 35. I hadn't been taking the 75/81mg aspirin dose previously...but I am now (on Doc's advice, of course)
Apr 2012
12:17am, 2 Apr 2012
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I'm not medical. I work for a pharma company and did pharmacology for my degree. Jonnyo is right - sotalol is a beta blocker which will slow your heart (and reduce your blood pressure) but it is also a "partial beta agonist" which means it will not reduce your heart rate to stupidlly slow levels. There is no reason you should not exercise while taking sotalol but you might find it a bit more difficult than usual. You are likely to get tired more easily. I'm hoping the medical types will pipe up here but is it Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome? Ablation is the usuaul treatment for that and is usually very successful (I am told) Might be barking up the wrong tree though. Lots of things can cause AF.

AF is quite common, especially as one gets older. It needs to be addressed, though it is by itself not directly life-threatening.
Apr 2012
7:09am, 2 Apr 2012
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Thank Caterpillar - no, not WPW syndrome, just AF. A previous cardio also diagnosed MVP, but subsequent cardios disagreed. Whilst I don't think my AF episodes have been brought on by exercise, I've never had any exercise 'stress' test type of things. I know that by itself it's not life threatening, however the prolonged episodes (in AF during parts of each day for weeks) can be rather unpleasant.

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Can any of you medical types offer any insight on this? I'm having to take this again as my AF has ...

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