Energy Bills

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10:47am, 7 Dec 2022
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Depends on your tolerance for discomfort and also any difference in price/efficiency for slow heating vs fast heating. The house will lose more heat in total if it’s warmer for longer.
10:50am, 7 Dec 2022
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Does anyone have an in-home display for their smart meter with a temp gauge on it? Is that the temp of the room the device is in? Or is it reading from where the smart meter is located (i.e. a cupboard on a wall somewhere)?

Assuming it's the room it's in then it is 15C in here just now and highest I have seen, even with our heating on is 16.5C. Is that warm or cold compared to everyone else?! :-) G
11:03am, 7 Dec 2022
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I am on about that most of the time Happy. After riding/racing/training on bikes in winter, I never retired all my merino baselayers. They are being put to good use!
11:07am, 7 Dec 2022
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Muttley, I experienced the same in my Passiv building. I now have my small oil filled radiator on low, on a thermostat, and it keeps the temperature stable. We have had two weeks of almost constant gloom and temperatures not above 5 degrees so what I thought would happen happened: the building is loosing heat faster than it gains because it isn't gaining.
I initially went without heat but it simply takes too long to heat things up that way and it needs an electricity heavy fan heater.
I found an old greenhouse heater, one of those tubes, I think they use very little. I may employ that as well, as background heat.
12:41pm, 7 Dec 2022
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HappyG(rrr) my smart meter display shows temperature and it is temperature of the room the display unit is in. I did ask the engineer at the time and now it's obvious as my meter box is in an unheated hallway.

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We’ve had word from our energy company that our direct debit from April onwards will be double the current amount. How’s everyone else fared?

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