Ectopic Heartbeat

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Mar 2015
12:23pm, 30 Mar 2015
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Went to doctor after a 3 months of heightened sense of heartbeat and told I have Ectopic heartbeat. Its quite clear from the stethoscope apparently and I am going for ECG though I have those annually with work and nothing has been raised before. Rather oddly the sensation clears itself while I am running and otherwise I feel fine but being 47 I tend to get more anxious about such stuff. Doing the paranoid research on-line shows a mix of don't fret and be careful. I'm going to sut out caffine and alcohol: stress reduction will take a little more time and don't want to reduce my running. Anyone else experienced this? If so, what happended?
Mar 2015
12:52pm, 30 Mar 2015
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eL Bee!
Yup - I get fairly regular Premature Ventricular ectopics and I can feel them coming on.

In a previous life I was a Cardiac ITU nurse - so on a quiet shift one day I was used as a teaching session (My trace was 'interesting' anyway with a RHR of 36 (at the time) a noticeable sinus arrhythmia and disappearing 'p' waves at my lower HRs) so I got a complete MOT from the specialists while.

In the absence of any underlying pathology (they also echo'd me) the consensus was "interesting but normal - nothing to worry about"

Caffeine (lots of) definitely worsens it as does being very tired/stressed.

As long as (quite important that) there is no underlying issue, you'll probably find that running helps!!

That said it's worth seeing what the ECG and stuff shows, because although *my* ectopics are a normal variant - not all are, and some causes are made worse with stressing the heart muscle.

You can't diagnose cardiac stuff on the interwebernet or on a forum like this!
Being patient until you've been checked out is the best advise you can have tbh
Mar 2015
6:03pm, 30 Mar 2015
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Thanks eL Bee my RHR is 42 and I also notice what I have being influenced by Caffine (and alcohol next day - even after only a couple of glasses of wine). I have a fairly full medical annually and the trace has always been fine (and no family history) so I am hoping its "external" factors which I can then change or modify. As you rightly say, time to leave it the experts to check it out.

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Went to doctor after a 3 months of heightened sense of heartbeat and told I have Ectopic heartbeat. ...

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