Oscar's Everyone Day

Sunday 23rd June 2024
In 2021 Oscar the Grouch proposed one day each year where "we unite as a community and EVERYONE records an activity of some sort - a dog walk, a run, a swim, a ride, ski if you want...".

Sadly we lost Oscar in March, so I'd like to dedicate Everyone Day to him. Thank you for the inspiration you gave us Oscar.

Does your birthday affect your sportiness?

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Jan 2016
12:06pm, 2 Jan 2016
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That's a really interesting point re relying on physical advantage vs developing skills, tea - reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell's David and Goliath, how 'disadvantages' can work in your favour.

School PE is so hit and miss isn't it: so easy for busy PE teachers to focus on the quick wins and the capable kids (and I guess the school team results) and not think creatively enough about how to encourage the rest.
Jan 2016
12:34pm, 2 Jan 2016
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The Teaboy
That really is the key IM. Too much results based selection and development. It's noticeable that the great football academies really don't place too much emphasis on results at a young age. I remember talking to a Man Utd youth team coach when I was on my degree and he stated that the results are definitely secondary to proper development. The FA are changing their practice with regard to the youth by encouraging smaller pitches and more touches and technique. But this enlightened attitude still has to flow down to the coaches, teachers and parents who need to understand that while competitiveness is good, winning is not the be all and end all at that age next to great development.

Far more important to give opportunities to experience a range of sports as much as the child wants and for it all to be fun. That is the way to develop a national sporting culture.
Jan 2016
12:37pm, 2 Jan 2016
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Surrey Phil
In our house, the theory could be correct. I'm an October birthday and have always thrown myself at every sport going. My wife (December) swam and played netball to a high standard at club level. Our son (July) is only into non-contact sports although he likes middle distance running.

On the other hand, my father-in-law (August) played at youth level for Tottenham, was a netball umpire and still plays bowls.
Jan 2016
12:37pm, 2 Jan 2016
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The same applies to athletics Teaboy. It remains difficult to convince some coaches and some parents that a broad base of skills, and the fun element are key for kids, and that specialisation shouldn't start 'til later.

It is even - we've found - difficult to convince the kids themselves sometimes!
Jan 2016
1:15pm, 2 Jan 2016
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Haven't read all through the thread, sorry, but from our family's experience:
OH - January birthday, always been good at sports, both team and individual, fiercely competitive. Youngest of three siblings.
Me - May birthday, never any good at school sports, only happy doing something individual such as squash when younger or running now. Not very competitive.
Son1 - October birthday, good at running, hates team sports, about as competitive as me.
Son2 - June birthday, good at and enjoys team or individual sports, potentially as competitive as his dad.

I take from this that genes has a lot more effect that birth month.
Jan 2016
5:56pm, 2 Jan 2016
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In our household Mr GM wasn't good at sport, apart from swimming and he's October birth. I wasn't good at sport either and am an August born
I think it has a lot to do with sporty tendency in parents. Young children who are encouraged to be more active from a young age tend to be better at it.
Jan 2016
6:03pm, 2 Jan 2016
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I'm a June baby always liked sports though not particularly good at team sports Dad (December born) played hockey for a local team so probably got the interest from.here.

Think LD has a point genes plays a big part in it all

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