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Does anyone use the Goal feature? :-)

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Dec 2019
9:27pm, 5 Dec 2019
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All my goals are current, but unfortunately none achieved since I peaked in 2017! I got within 5 secs on my 10K PB this year so perhaps there's hope still.
Dec 2019
10:10pm, 5 Dec 2019
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I look at mine in December each year and adjust accordingly, but rather like my annual development plan post appraisal, tend not to look the rest of the time...
Dec 2019
10:13pm, 5 Dec 2019
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Didn’t know it was there. Just added one.
Dec 2019
10:14pm, 5 Dec 2019
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That sub 4 marathon that’s been there since 2008... yup, still current.
Dec 2019
10:31pm, 5 Dec 2019
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I had set thirteen goals, the most recent in 2015.

Three achieved:-o

Just added a new goal: sub-27 at parkrun again.
Dec 2019
7:39am, 6 Dec 2019
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Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
I think it's a great feature! Glad you've found it useful bundance!

Fetch, if you were going to enhance it (and yes, I'll put these in feature request) then you could have reminders / motivation things in the lead up to a goal (How are you getting on with your [insert goal wording here - e.g. sub 2hr half marathon]? Only 60 days until your [insert goal wording here - e.g. lose 20 lbs in 4 months] target or whatevs).

I achieved 8 or 9 out of 11 or 12, but still a few outstanding, which is quite fun. :-) G
Dec 2019
8:49am, 6 Dec 2019
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Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
Here are mine... feel free to share peeps!

Your Goals

Build a list of all your goals, like running a PB in a half marathon, or giving up smoking, or losing some weight, or whatever.

Goal Target Date Public Achieved

Bucket (race) list, inspired by ChrisThePuma's thread 3rd Jan 2021 Yes No

http://www.fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=55398 That's inspired me to do at least a running races list. Could do as a blog? Or might put in "Goal List" under Training. We don't really have a formal Fetch bucket list. Races: - - - Glasgow to Edinburgh Double (planned 2015) West Highland Way (planned 2015) Any overseas marathon (shouldn't be too hard, but in 6 yrs racing I've only done UK races!) New York, Boston, Washington and/or any other US marathon (I've got the qualifying time at the mo, so sooner would be better!) Hamburg, Berlin and/or any other German marathon (cos that's where family are from - and remaining family there are dwindling, so again, sooner rather than later would be better). OMM, LAMM or other multi day mountain marathon (with navigation and staying in a tent) ... to be continued... *Update* Oooh! Well, I've done some! WHW done, G2E ultra done. Boston, USA marathon done. So just leaves a Euro mara. MrsSrrr has said I can just go and do one of these with friends or club if I want for a weekend, rather than trying to drag her along! And she certainly won't want to come on an overnight mountain marathon! :-) G

78% half, 10K, 5K 27th Dec 2021 Yes No

Age 46 this seems to be 1:23:04 (just a 3s PB, how hard can it be?!); 38:07 at 10K (so I can get 50s slower !) and 18:19 5K. Hmm, that's the toughie! Give myself 10 months to do it? *Update Sep 2019. Can't believe I haven't looked at a goal for 3 years! Even if I put this to 2020, I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it. But getting back to 76% might be doable. Small moves Ellie, small moves! 1:28, 40:23 and 19:24. Hmmm. *

Sub 3:30 mara 24th Oct 2009 Yes Yes

OK, stretch target would be 3:20 tbh. Abingdon 18 Oct 2009. Got it! 3:12:18. Get in! :-)G

Sub 40 10K 16th Nov 2009 Yes Yes

Bit of a stretch this one as it would be a high WAVA - 71% or something. Got 38:14 at Stirling in Sep 09 in run up to marathon. :-)G

VLM 16th Apr 2010 Yes Yes

Have entered London for next year. If I don't get it on ballot, will try via club. Goal would be to just run it slowly and soak up the atmos. Might do charity raising too. *update - ah, now this is a great one. I'm guiding Blind Ken and hopefully pacing him to sub 4. So a perfect way to experience the atmos and help a friend! Yay! That was awesome. Also, got my GFA now so will be doing it 2011 too and hopefully sans injurie! What a twonk. Forgot to send in GFA application for 2011. Got GFA again at Lochaber, so sent it in this time. VLM 2012, I will be #32439! Argh, injured spring 2012. But still got GFA from Newcastle 2011, so in for 2013. #32514 Must not be injured this winter! :-)G

Ultra??? 7th Aug 2010 Yes Yes

Would love to do a 40 or 50 miler, maybe 2011. Devil of the Highlands 2010, then Highland Fling 2011?? Doing Devil in Aug 2010. Not sure about any more after that. 2011 might be something different? *Update - oooh, I did it! 8:31 for Devil 2010. Great fun, really enjoyed it. Only just made it to start line, given 2010 is year of the pelvis injury. But hopefully mostly better now and can get back to those other goals!

Sub 1:28 half 30th Jun 2011 Yes Yes

Which is the 70% for a half. *Update Aug 2010 - this will now be goal for next 6 months, to see if I can get my pace back up after last 6 months of injury. * Update Feb 2011 - don't want to race half or any other distance before Lochaber 10 Apr 2011. So May or June for this one. * Update May 2011 - Yay! Got it! Stornoway half 1:27:54. Just! :-)G

19:25 5K 16th Aug 2011 Yes Yes

Got that at parkrun in November 09 18:52. *Update - needed to renew it. Course was short by 80m for the whole of first year!! Did it in June 2011*

70% WAVA 28th Nov 2012 Yes Yes

To race at 70% WAVA. Should get a bit easier after my 40th?! Oh, except mara, which is like 3hrs 02mins for 70%. That's just mad. But 1:28 half, sub 40 for 10K and for 5K sub 19:30. Now the general standard for 2011? Better extend this to end of 2011! Not doing mile or anything shorter. 5K: June 2011 (Edin Parkrun) 18:50 73.0% 6 miles: Sep 2011 (Rigg) ??:?? ??.?% 10K: Sep 2011 (Stirling) 37:58 75.9% Half: May 2011 (Stornoway) 1:27:54 70.7% Mara: April 2011 (Lochaber) 3:09:54 67.9% So just the mara to crack really! Ah, done it now. Just realised! Newastle Town Moor Marathon, Oct 30 2011 - 3:05:23 70.2% WAVA! Just squeaked in!! :-)G :-)G

1:26 half 31st Aug 2013 Yes Yes

As I managed 1:27:54 on a windy, hilly, slightly trailish Stornoway half, think I should be able to get to around 1:26 on a flatter, road one? Extend into 2013 in case I don't get a chance end of 2012. *Update: got it at Glen Clova Nov 2012. 1:25:34 Sub 85 next! :-)G

Sub 3 marathon 17th Dec 2013 Yes Yes

There. I've said it. It will take me a couple of years and injury free (which is probably the real trick!). *Update 30 May 2013 - can't believe I hadn't updated my number 1 goal! Sub 3 at VLM Sun 21 Apr 2013. 2:57:37 Woohoo! I now have no goals :-S

Sub 85 half 29th Dec 2013 Yes Yes

I've got 1:25:34, so seems not unreasonable to try and get sub 85 (you use minutes when you get down to the 85s, apparently!) this year. * Update: Ah, I appear to have got that one Alloa Apr 2013 1:23:07 based on mara training for VLM. Next and last mara time goal pls! :-)G

WHW 2015 21st Jun 2015 Yes Yes

OK, it's in the goal list now. 2015 WHW. 95 miles and 14,000ft of climb on tough terrain, that I know has crocked better runners than me. OMFC what have I done?! *Update: I'd better put the time goals in too Bronze: to finish, not to DNF unless in an ambulance!; Silver: 23-25 hours; Gold 22-23 hours. *Update: Platinum sub 22! *Update. Got it on 21 Jun 2015. 22hrs 37 mins. So gold, not platinum! Now back to some shorter stuff!:-) G

Boston or NYC marathon 4th Dec 2018 Yes Yes

Age 45-49 Boston Qualifying time is 3:25. So that should be doable! NYC is 3:05, so much harder, but 1:28 half, which I can do. Stay for a week after as a hol with missus. Yay! Boston is mid April, usually week before London. New York is November, first weekend. April is probably nicer weather?! Either 2017 or 2018? I'll set it for end of 2018, as 2019 we're talking about going to a Grand Prix, like Monaco. *Update: Did Boston 2019. Was fab experience! :-) G
Dec 2019
9:53am, 6 Dec 2019
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I used to use it, but must have forgotten it as I haven't added any since 2013. This is what I have:

Goal Target Date Public Achieved
Run 800 miles in 2012 31st Dec 2012 Yes No
Not going to make it. Had hoped to get over 750 but a cold/flu put paid to that. Never mind, there's always next year!
Run a marathon 30th Sep 2009 Yes Yes
Obtained Golden Bond place for FLM. So as long as I stay fit and healthy I should achieve this goal.
Sub hour 10K 31st Dec 2009 Yes Yes
Failed by 7 seconds to achieve this in 2008. Hopefully 2009 will be the year, although I don't plan on any 10K races until the second half of the year due to FLM.
750 miles in 2009 31st Dec 2009 Yes Yes
FLM training should get me halfway. Then...
Sub 2hr half 4th Aug 2013 Yes Yes
Got close in 2012! Have PB'd at Stur Half everytime I've run it and its in my calendar again for 2013 so fingers crossed! Finally managed this at Downton Half in November 2014.
Achieve Fidelity award 1st Dec 2013 Yes Yes
Complete all 12 Dorset Road Race League events.
Run 800 miles in 2013 31st Dec 2013 Yes Yes
Dec 2019
10:05am, 6 Dec 2019
33562 posts
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Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
Awwww, "FLM training..." cute! :-) G

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