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Feb 2016
1:31pm, 11 Feb 2016
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Last night I slept with my HRM on just to see the sorts of readings I got through the night. Not comfortable, and I probably had a terrible night's sleep being woken up by this odd thing around my chest.

Anywhoo, I uploaded it this morning to see the HRM trace. But I can't seem to get the graph to display the heart rate. I've switched the graph from "distance" to "time", I've tuned the zones down to show heart rates between 50 and 70, but all I see is a flat line at the bottom.

Here's the "workout" - http://www.fetcheveryone.com/training-log-view.php?id=12188563

Is this because the graph's axis only goes down to about 80, no matter what the bandings are set as at the side?
Feb 2016
1:55pm, 11 Feb 2016
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Not sure, but you seem to have travelled 50 miles in your sleep! Have you tried editing the distance to 0, is the activity type "X-training-Rest"?
Feb 2016
2:12pm, 11 Feb 2016
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I manually added the 50 miles, it initially recorded 0.02 miles (probably closer to the truth, hopefully!)

I've set the activity to cross training of some sort, just to stop it being a "running" activity.
Feb 2016
3:07pm, 11 Feb 2016
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I assume it's trying to fit all the data in vertically, but because of some spurious reading (I note some big peaks in the first half hour), the side effect of that is most of the graph looks flat, even though the readings do fluctuate. Can you manually edit the data to remove the first hour so it's only trying to fit the flatter part of the graph?
Feb 2016
3:27pm, 11 Feb 2016
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I don't think it is that (though I could have a try) as on sites such as strava or Garmin Connect it displays OK without any particularly alarming spikes. But its the fetch graph I wanted to see as it does the temporal smoothing which I think is the most perfect graphing feature that just about every other running logging site seems to omit! I will give it a go though...

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Last night I slept with my HRM on just to see the sorts of readings I got through the night. Not co...

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