Crossover Gait & PF Pains

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May 2012
10:31am, 25 May 2012
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Hi All,

I’m after some suggestions on excercises/stretches to fix some issues I’ve been having. Description might be a bit long, so excuse me if I ramble a bit.

My right leg seems to have a few problems, I’ve always known this was an issue but as it didn’t cause injury I generally left it alone, however the pains have escallated recently as muscle fatigue from marathon training (and the race itself) have taken their toll.

My Left side is generally pain free. On my right side I have a sore hip joint, I have a crossover gait and noticable hip drop when stood on my right leg, I reguarly seem to have a “tired” feeling in my calf, I get occassional IT/quad soreness but worst of all is a sudden sharp plantar fasciitis stabbing pain that just appears out of the blue (normally when I hit a downhill). The right foot has a tendancy to point outwards slightly, so i'm probably pronating more than I realise hence the PF pains as the arch collapses.

I have been following a hip strengthening programme and it helps the hip pain a little, but the foot pain is becoming the major issue because biomechanically I’m still not moving properly and the pains are getting more frequent. My leg also feels heavy, like it’s restricted in it’s range of movement.

I do core ever day and the hip exercises above every few days. I own a wobble board but tbh I rarely use it because it just doesn’t seem to feel like it’s working anything? Maybe I’m not doing it correctly?? I stretch my hip flexors daily because they are v tight and they are gradually improving, but my glutes are defitately tight and “opening up” my hips is impossible they are so tight. I have a foam roller which I use for my flexors and any tight areas. I do squats (1 and 2 legged) but other than aching my quads it doesn’t seem to do much so I only do about 10 a day and the 1 legged ones I can't manage more than a couple, maybe my technique needs improving??

Please can anyone assist or suggest excercises to help or offer guidance on exercise technique? Seeing a private physio is out of the question at the moment, I just can’t afford it. Sorry, I know there is a lot of info here I hope I didn’t bore you all to death :-)


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Hi All,

I’m after some suggestions on excercises/stretches to fix some issues I’ve been havin...

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