Cross training while injured (ITB) - Marathon training

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Mar 2013
11:33am, 16 Mar 2013
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Hi, I'm currently marathon training, and have got injured, again, (ITB) when I tried to speed up a bit, and I was wondering... Does anyone know if doing really hard spin classes are comparable to running interval or fartlek sessions over the same time-span? I have found that whenever I try to up my speed, no matter how long I have been training, or over what distance, I always end up getting injured. Usually something different every time... Running hard just seems to break me. Spinning seems to be really hard work (possibly because I haven't got my 'cycling legs' yet!?), and I come out of the class drenched! Is spinning going to do the same thing or will it not make any difference to my running? I am currently only able to run about 8 miles pain free, but I have been doing a lot more hours-worth of exercise (on the bike, rowing, elliptical etc), than I would just running, over the last month. so I'm hoping my marathon is still possible...? Can extended gym/spin/cycling sessions added on to 8ish mile runs compare to a proper Long run if the time spent exercising is the same? I don't want to be running into pain, and it is definitely getting better all the time.
Thank you in advance, and sorry for rambling! - any advice on not getting injured while marathon training will be very gratefully received (although horses, stable-doors and bolting spring to mind!).
Mar 2013
11:41am, 16 Mar 2013
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It will do the cardio side, but not the leg strength, it works different muscles. I think cycling complements running, but its not a direct replacement.
Mar 2013
11:49am, 16 Mar 2013
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I'm recovering from ITBS at the moment (building distance carefully - up to about 5 miles currently) and have found the best alternative by far has been swimming. I've been going at least twice a week and have no pain afterwards (only doing front crawl, no breast stroke as that does aggravate ITB) but it's helped with my stamina and breathing for sure. Pool running may help (i.e. aqua jogging in the deep end with a body float on) but you'll still be using the same muscles and will be catching the fascia - the bit that gets aggravated and causes the pain). But pool is definitely my friend at the moment. Hope that helps and best of luck to you.
Jul 2013
1:06pm, 29 Jul 2013
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Thanks. I'm running again, have been for a while, up to 12 miles now, but only Running 3 days a week. I've carried on with spinning and cycling, and I'm swimming too. I cant believe how fit the spinning has got me though - i've knocked 2 minutes off my 5k time since I started! (22:10).

ITB is still there in the background though.

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Hi, I'm currently marathon training, and have got injured, again, (ITB) when I tried to speed up a ...

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