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Cross training - what should I be doing?

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May 2012
9:37am, 17 May 2012
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I am conscious that I don’t do any training other than running, occasional cycle to work and when I’m not running the dogs I walk them. I keep getting injured and this is probably (?) due to my lack of cross training and wondered what everyone else did to keep up their overall fitness to support their running.

I'm not a memeber of a gym as I find it incredibly boring but I do own a set of hand weights and various fitness DVDs (it seems owning these things dont actually help your fitness!)

thanks :)
May 2012
9:41am, 17 May 2012
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There's this thread and an associated group which will give you some ideas for core training. Swimming and cycling have helped me keep on top of injuries and are good distractions if you can't run for any reason.
May 2012
9:50am, 17 May 2012
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The Scribbler
I guess it depends on what your goals are and what you enjoy. Rich has already pointed out the excellent core training group and there are simple exercises you can do at home. Swimming is meant to be good for all round fitness and doesn't have the impact of running, but it's not good if you don't enjoy it.

I've always cross trained and credit weights and core work as helping me stay relatively injury free until my encounter with PF this year. Other people will perhaps do team sports or classes they enjoy in the gym.
If you are prone to injury, I would suggest strengthening and mobility exercises to help toughen up any weak spots. Maybe a few sessions with a personal trainer to get some pointers?
May 2012
9:52am, 17 May 2012
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I use swimming as my cross training and have now joined a Bokwa class which is bloody hard work. I also cycle but haven't done a lot of lately. I agree with RichHL though re: swimming and injuries. I find that even though I have a hard workout in the pool, the aches and pains from running ease off.
May 2012
9:55am, 17 May 2012
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thanks guys :) I dont actually mind swimming just need to remember. I could always cycle to the pool swim & cycle home so I get a good old work out.

I'll check out the core thread (think I was lurking around there earlier in the year) work keeps getting in the way (but an easy excuse) but if there is things I can do to avoid needing to be in a gym/class then there is no real reason why I cant do it while I'm away too. I just find myself easily distracted and need to make a point of doing something else on a regular basis.

Bokwa.... mmmm
May 2012
9:56am, 17 May 2012
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I can't recommend core training enough - it's really helped me with my running over the last 18 months, some sessions with a Personal Trainer to give you some good exercises - and check technique could be worth while. You don't need any equipment - although you can incorporate things like balance balls, and a mat is nice. I do mine outside on a nice day!
May 2012
10:01am, 17 May 2012
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I just posted this to another very similar thread:

How about pilates? I do pilates on my rest day and its great for strengthening core and working flexibility back into places that running really screws up like the hamstrings. I think its made a huge difference to my running. You can get decent DVDs of it if you don't want to join a class.
May 2012
10:02am, 17 May 2012
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I do classes: Body Combat, Body Pump, Urban Rebound, circuits and sometimes bums and tums. All excellent for all-round fitness and I love doing them, no motivation required when you have someone telling you what to do :) You don't usually have to be a member of a gym to attend classes. There are also apparently millions of Zumba classes all over the place, I've never done it but I can imagine it'd be decent cross-training. If you just want strength and core work then Body Pump is really good, although it is hard work! As you've pointed out, having equipment at home doesn't necessarily mean you'll use it. I think classes are invaluable for teaching you good technique, though it takes a while to get there.
May 2012
10:21am, 17 May 2012
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I used to do pilates followed by body balance on a monday and occasional body combat on a weekend but my job has me all over the shop and cant commit to regular classes anymore, that and the pilates moved to another date and balance got cancelled as the gym was under threat of closure. I guess I got out of the habit of going to the classes. With work and being exhausted all the time plucking up the motivation to go out to a class/gym isnt happening. I do know that the core work really helped my running so I should go back.

There is a pilates studio near where I live, they more train you than you following the exercises and you dont have to commit to just one day you can go on any of the session at your level - nuff said I need to join dont I! I'll see how they'll cope with me being away for 2 weeks (you book 8 classes at a time) and if I can work around that I'll book my induction.

I also understand that weights is a good thing to do so maybe worthwhile getting a DVD and doing those in the house, I know you gave me a link to some kettlebells exercises Scribbler but I ciouldnt make it work. I will see what is available on good old Amazon :)
Sep 2012
9:13pm, 27 Sep 2012
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mr d
I am about to change jobs, hooray! However I will lose for four mile each way cycle, boo! To be replaced with a one mile walk. I replaced my hybrid with a single speed bike 18 months ago and saw a dramatic improvement in my fitness and running pace.

I am buying a turbo trainer and lunch-time gym classes are a possibility. Does anyone know where i could find a good turbo routine to stop it being too boring and will spinning classes come close to replacing actual cycling? Thanks.

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