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Contraception for ladies

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Jan 2017
9:38pm, 31 Jan 2017
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Thanks Meglet, I have heard that when they work they are brilliant and I believe they are really good for majority of women. I have read (oh the Internet can be a scary place) some horror stories of women begging to have them removed and being fobbed off and told to stick with it for another however many months. I would do my nut if they refused me if I wanted it removed (control freak, but then it's my body I suppose).

Tomsmum where did you get the notion/ advice to try low carbs? I've never had any dietary advice on this so just eat normally (a mix of pretty healthy some days and downright junk on other days). Might it be worth me watching what I eat while I am not on any drugs?
Jan 2017
9:49pm, 31 Jan 2017
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I don't want to hijack the thread or the current discussion but just to say -

Last summer I had a blood clot on my lung (well one in each, larger one on right). It is strongly suspected it was down to the pill (Yasmin). I had no other risk factors - non smoker, healthy (was running 35+ miles per week), no recent long haul flights etc. The only symptom I had was severe pain around the back of my rib cage on the right and some very very subtle breathlessness. I was ill over the weekend and went to the GP on the Monday who sent me to A&E. Now on blood thinners and waiting to be seen by the consultant for a final ok.

I don't regret being on it and it was fine for almost 2 decades but I would just say (whatever you are on) if you feel something is not right please please go and get checked out.
Jan 2017
10:49pm, 31 Jan 2017
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Hi lemon 10. Stage four endo. I had a mirena and didn't get on with it. The bleeding didn't stop and didn't settle. That said after maybe five months there was no issue having it out. I was on a double dose of cerazette and about to start again. If you want to Fmail me more than happy to chat. Ev n if it's just a good old moan. It's nice to know your not alone.
Jan 2017
11:13pm, 31 Jan 2017
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Glad you're almost better ndellar.
Jan 2017
11:17pm, 31 Jan 2017
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I fit loads of Mirenas and warn women beforehand that they may have irregular bleeding in the first six months and they will struggle to persuade me to remove it before it's been in place for six months, though there are other things that can be offered in the meantime to try to control the bleeding. After six months, if the bleed pattern is still chaotic I'll take it out on request. Removal is quick and straightforward.

One of my daughters had a Jaydess (a tiny Mirena) and decided she wasn't happy with it and pulled it out herself.
Feb 2017
6:11am, 1 Feb 2017
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Thanks all, I appreciate every post here. Katypie that's very kind of you. Glad you got checked ndellar. As soon as I had that migraine I knew I needed to go and get checked for taking the pill, so right decision I know. Just take some adjusting. I do wonder if now I am off it, will I cheer up a bit?! I was very down, assumed due to work troubles but I often wondered if actually depressed, I sometimes felt very happy and would then get very down if something minor happened. Maybe not being on the pill I will see if that was making it worse, day 8 today (so I *would* have re-started the pill today) and I feel strangely happy / hopeful. Odd as its a work day! Probably too soon to tell but it will be interesting as a side issue to the main 'what am I to do' problem!
8 Jul
6:33pm, 8 Jul 2021
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[Blows dust off thread.

I see that a progestogen-only pill, desogestrel 75mg, is going to be available over the pharmacy counter without a prescription. About time! Unfortunately, it's going to cost £9.95 for a 28 day supply, whereas it's free on prescription, so this initiative will be of very limited value to most women.
9 Jul
10:28am, 9 Jul 2021
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Wine Legs
That's bonkers. So much money!

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