Combo of niggles.....HELP....please

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Feb 2012
1:54am, 18 Feb 2012
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Advice sought asap please as lots of annoying niggles that are really affecting my running recently.......again.

I have started getting a nasty stitch on my recent runs only the last few weeks. It seems to start at arounf 4+ miles in and i think its only on shorter runs of upto 6-7 miles. Longer runs in which i run a bit slower seem ok. It is always on the RHS, though last Sunday's 10k race it moved across the middle around the sternum too making me feel like quitting. The stitch becomes a real gripy pain causing nausea. Nothing has changed in my training or eating habits. My pace has increased a little bit.

The second issue is my left calf, which after tearing it November had started to fix and had been ok. But the last 3 runs it has started to feel tight/crampy and am concerned. Is it caused by a lack of regular training, or is this coincidence and why?

Lastly, my RHS hip/rotator is aching again but feels ok while running. Its only after and on off days that it really aches. Any ideas on quick fixes or is it the fact I haven't had a sports massage and visited the chiro for several weeks the problem?

Appreciate guidance (pretty please)

Feb 2012
2:56am, 18 Feb 2012
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Hi icklevee. No ideas on the stitch problem, sorry. Re your left calf, I have found that old injuries do sometimes niggle when you return to running and if there is a weakness there now it can also be aggravated by the increase in speed. What kind of pain do you get in hip/rotator? Muscular, joint pain or what I refer to as "nerve" pain? My "hip" pain in the past has been caused by piriformis syndrome (a pain the the backside, literally!) and weak glutes. But I think your last sentence probably hits the nail on the head. A good, regular sports massage helps to keep my old injuries and weaknesses in check and hopefully prevent any niggles becoming a bigger issue. Hope this helps!
Feb 2012
3:05pm, 18 Feb 2012
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Lisa T
I've always had calf problems & my injury sites do on occasion flare up. I bought the stick as a self massage tool & it really helps to break down the knots & lumps. (I have the travel one). I also always wear calf guards. I know it's probably only in my head but feel more 'safe' in them. I definitely think if you become aware of the calf cramping, then you tense & it gets worse, so it's important to try to relax when it happens. The stick is also good for massaging hips/glutes where I also have a problem. Not sure about the stitches though.
Feb 2012
3:15pm, 18 Feb 2012
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I had a calf strain last May, with recurring crampy, tightens and niggles for a good few months after. I've found regular yoga classes and having a good long stretch after each run has sorted me. I also wore compression socks during runs for a few months, and sometimes post run too, if my calves haven't been entirely happy during the run.
Feb 2012
3:33pm, 18 Feb 2012
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Hi icklevee. I get calf problems a lot too so I just stretch them out as much and as often as I can,even of its just rotating my ankles while watching tele! Hot baths are good and I have a foam roller for when they get really tight, it's a good budget option.
As for the stitch, I usyruggled with that a lot as a beginner and I read something on here that helped and I have shared it with a few people and it's helped them too. When you get the stitch control your breathing so that you begin to exhale as the foot on the side of the stitch hits the ground. So if the stitch is on the rhs, start to exhale as your right foot hits the ground. Not sure why it works, but it really does.

Let us know how you get on :)
Feb 2012
9:13pm, 18 Feb 2012
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Thank you for all your replies.
The calf seemed ok to begin with but as suggested, the more I think about it the more my gait seems to change. Had noticed my left foot is slapping the ground which I never used to do. Wondering if I am sub-consciously guarding myself but thereby tensing up?

I do wear full compression tights at the mo but they don't seem to compress the calves so much (wondering if this is coz of losing weight since first wearing them). How do the calf guards help with tight calves?

I do have a foam roller............I guess it works better if I actually use it (Oops). I did roll my calves over a hard rubber ball while at work & although painful it seemed to ease after.

The hip pain seems to be more the front of the hip and feels muscular but possibility to do with tight ITB and and rotator. Used to be as suggested the Piriformis but now at front. Felt it the day after last weeks 10k.

Is it likely that not training enough in the week before a race, then pushing hard on the day, could be responsible for the hip prob?
Re the stitch, I have tried the exhaling thing as the opposite foot strikes the ground, which used to help, but the recent stitches are so sharp and ruin the enjoyment of my running & racing. I can't figure out why it started again but with more avengance :-(

Unfortunately I'm too skint to visit a sports therapist until next month but will defo have to book in when I can.

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Advice sought asap please as lots of annoying niggles that are really affecting my running recently....

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