Central Retinal Vein Occlusion

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Nov 2016
10:25am, 22 Nov 2016
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So, after a busy summer of races/training and two days of the pressup challenge, I went to the optician at the start of August for my "regular" checkup, albeit brought forward because I'd noticed things were getting a bit "blurry" in my left eye. Which resulted in my being sent to Eye A&E to be told that I have a great big haemmorhage in my eyeball from where a vein has leaked, and I shouldn't have it at my age (I'm "only" 43). Since then I've been back to see the consultant a couple of times - we've been waiting to see if it resolves itself, but if not the likelihood is that they'll have to treat it with a course of non-steroid injections. Fun!

Other than not being able to read or see detail with my left eye, one of the worst things is that I've been told to avoid "vigorous exercise", so I've not run since, and it's been driving me slowly bonkers. When I asked what I *could* do, the vague answer was "walking, swimming and *light* jogging". How light is light, though? I did see one definition online that it's 70-100% of max HR, which for me would be ~125 bpm or above - would it be sensible to pootle about with a HRM and make sure it was well below that? My resting heart rate has already gone up from ~50 to ~75 bpm in the time I've been inactive, so would even a brisk canter push me into the "vigorous" zone?

Also, has anybody else had CRVO, and what was your experience?
Nov 2016
11:54am, 22 Nov 2016
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Oh God, that sounds awful. I have no wisdom, just a hug.
Nov 2016
12:24pm, 22 Nov 2016
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Thanks LindsD. :)

Just realised my writing's a bit jumbled above - I meant to say that "vigorous exercise" is defined as 70-100%, well, in one place at least.

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So, after a busy summer of races/training and two days of the pressup challenge, I went to the optic...

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