Carrying a phone

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Apr 2016
1:38pm, 8 Apr 2016
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JustDistracted (JD)
I had a tiny smartphone for running but cba to pay as I go every now and again and the damn thing runs out of credit while switched off! Grr. Have being taking my Lumia 950 out running in a neoprene belt thing, fits a soft salomon flask, keys, debit card too. and then feels a bit heavy on my lower back.

Don't like armbands, I think I shall stop running so far I need to take a phone and snacks ;)
Apr 2016
1:51pm, 8 Apr 2016
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Another vote for spibelt here
Apr 2016
2:37pm, 8 Apr 2016
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I take a proper bumbag for long runs, but not to hold a smart phone.

I can't quite get my head around the "I need a new phone, but they're too big... so I'll buy a tiny bum bag to put it in..." logic.

Buy a small phone; you can get one for under 20 quid. About the price of the spibelt thing.
Apr 2016
2:46pm, 8 Apr 2016
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I like the thought that I can use the Garmin livetrack with my watch and phone so SWMBO knows where to find me when I'm out and about on a long run should any emergency befall either of us! Plus, swapping sims in and out of phones is a hassle, or just buying a PAYG phone (with some eternal credit on it- do they do that any more?) with a different number on it seems a bit of a waste both in cash terms and in terms of buying a redundant device with the nasty chemical batteries etc etc. Not very "green"!
Apr 2016
2:57pm, 8 Apr 2016
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But I like to take photos, too, jacdaw, and sometimes crack out a map. Small phone (I do own one, as it happens, for emergencies and stuff) + useable camera + map takes up a lot more room than slightly larger smartphone. And believe it or not, I've sometimes even tweeted mid-race.

I do this for fun rather than super seriously.
Apr 2016
3:29pm, 8 Apr 2016
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Flip belt have an offer via Facebook atm- 10% off
Apr 2016
3:41pm, 8 Apr 2016
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love a flip belt, and can I say, they also come in handy for going to gigs as well!
Apr 2016
8:55pm, 8 Apr 2016
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I've got a Nike gel waist pack...which works well with my iPhone 4 - no bouncing. I bought it in France, loved it and bought a second one to have for travelling with.
Jul 2020
6:13pm, 18 Jul 2020
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I’ve got two hands so I can carry a phone and still have one of them free.

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