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Cancelled Credit Card

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Mar 2016
9:03pm, 21 Mar 2016
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Son of a Pronator Man
we look forward to hearing how it all pans out
Mar 2016
9:52pm, 21 Mar 2016
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To be fair, some companies can be flexible even about this sort of thing if you ask nicely.

E.g. In October last year I booked to put our car on the Eurotunnel train to France for a holiday. Booked specific trains inbound and outbound. Then in November I completely forgot that I'd already done this and did it again, exact same trains etc. When we came to go outbound we got a message on the automated checkin that there was a duplicated booking, but thought nothing of it. It was only on the return leg when we got the same again and the customer services lady told us we hadn't even travelled out that something clicked with me, and checking later I realized I'd booked twice. A week later I emailed explaining my idiocy and acknowledging that the two tickets were non-refundable. And to their great credit they fully refunded one of the tickets (actually the slightly higher priced one!). Moral of the story - you might be contractually wrong, and most companies are just in it for profit - but there are also some good guys out there too if you ask nicely.
Mar 2016
10:14pm, 21 Mar 2016
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Can she get her holidays authorised and ask the hotel (very nicely) to change the dates? It's more likely to consider that than a refund.

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One of my young colleagues has booked an expensive holiday with an overseas hotel, on a non-refundab...

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