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Jan 2010
9:34am, 14 Jan 2010
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So... what happened to him just being a f*** buddy? We seem to be almost heading into the early stages of 'relationship' here??
Jan 2010
9:34am, 14 Jan 2010
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[Removed by moderator]
Jan 2014
1:43pm, 30 Jan 2014
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Did you get hold of her Bee?
Jan 2014
1:44pm, 30 Jan 2014
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plodding hippo
Not this thread!
I shall start reading it again and will wet myself laffing
Jan 2014
1:45pm, 30 Jan 2014
1753 posts
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I think I'm going to have to ask that this thread is deleted. I have my own reasons :-(

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About This Thread

Maintained by eL Bee!
Our Hippo (the Vileda/Marigold centrefold) is expecting....
....McGoohan in a Vileda loin cloth... while pumping CrazyLegs :-O
..who has given up farting for the week :)

Meanwhile, in other news:
The Fetch Gardening Forum discussed a variety of Jungle Reduction Techniques... with blades; electrical appliances; and a variety of 'plucking' manoeuvres on the table...

A practical demonstration was kindly offered.... :) although the symmetry of the edging was thought to be a little suspect!!
Fortunately a last minute decision to crop in a semi-formal shape relieved the tension of the gathered forumites.

But then....
A little too much falling over juice and a misdirected application of the DeJungle Doofer, and the beautiful heart-shaped semi-formal lawn became......

a cricket pitch! :(


eL Bee! and Velociraptor are skiing and shagging in Switzerland :)
...although I can report that shaggery *while* skiing today would have resulted in snapped off appendages! :)

Thence forward the thread concentrated on the very important minutiae of sex..... and underwear

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