Calf muscles - not tight, not painful but worrying me.

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Aug 2012
1:35pm, 23 Aug 2012
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Not really been doing a great deal of anything lately, but over recent months I have noticed my calves are worrying me. They are not painful, they don't stop me from doing anything, they are not twitching and do not resemble any symptoms form any previous threads on here other people may have posted.

So what is it?

Well it is a feeling which feels deep in both calves and feels like a blockage or restricted bloodflow - perhaps not a great description as I am struggling for words for it. It happens when cycling, running or even when I haven't done anything for a while, just laying there.

Last night I put tubigrip support bandages on them and the problem didn't appear to occur, I did the same on my cycle commute this morning and felt just fine.

I could not run in them as they made my shins cramp and get hot so I rolled them down.

I put them back on after the shower and have been fine since. Just took them off as they were feeling tight and the feeling is there again?

Any ideas?
Aug 2012
1:48pm, 23 Aug 2012
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I'm not sure but I've been getting something similar recently. I'm wondering with me if it's either....

- I've got over anaemia recently and my pace has improved and that's what I'm feeling, or

- My shoes are getting a bit worn & I need to consider replacing them.

My calf niggles haven't stop me running yet. Hope someone else can come along with some advice for you.
Aug 2012
9:03pm, 23 Aug 2012
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Was considering some calf guards?
Aug 2012
3:31pm, 26 Aug 2012
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The compression bandages have really helped...wearing them whenever I can.
Aug 2012
2:57pm, 27 Aug 2012
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Sounds like things are improving. It seems the same for me too, although I think my problem was brought on by the lunges I was doing in my weight training sessions.

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Not really been doing a great deal of anything lately, but over recent months I have noticed my calv...

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