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Burning feet? Also meal plans

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Mar 2020
8:55pm, 3 Mar 2020
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Yeah I have on my apple watch so I have it on my phone all my trainings I do so I keep looking at them and seeing what I need to improve on in terms of miles and splits
Mar 2020
9:28pm, 3 Mar 2020
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Hi NLR - interesting thread title!

Not sure what you mean by burning, but could it be that your laces are too tight (I always have my laces very loose, as feet swell up on marathon / half marathon / long distance runs) except for trail running where shoes need to be tight.

Or could it be the type of footbed in your trainers, the insole or even the sock?

On food, yes, just healthy diet. You can do a bit of extra carbs in the 3 days before your race? Good luck :-) G
Mar 2020
9:59pm, 3 Mar 2020
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Hello NLR and welcome to Fetch. I’m a sufferer of foot pain too although mine is from marathon training and needing a lot of cushioning underneath the balls of my feet these days. It might be a good idea to go up a size in trainers. I’m a 7 in ordinary shoes but an 8 or even an 8.5 in trainers. Perhaps your feet are getting squashed?
Mar 2020
10:10pm, 3 Mar 2020
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Definitely up a size or more. I wear trainers two sizes bigger than my normal shoes.
Mar 2020
8:35am, 4 Mar 2020
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As jennywren & LindsD have said, your shoes may be too small. My runners are 1.5 sizes larger than my normal shoes.

If you want to be lazy about tying/untying laces, consider elastic laces. I use xtenex, which are a pain to get in and out, but solve the problem of too tight/too loose once you've got them right ;-)
Mar 2020
8:51am, 4 Mar 2020
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Ah, just read back and realise that lots of people suggested loosening laces, going up half a size in shoes etc.

A couple of other observations - I rotate shoes (I don't mean I wear them backwards or on the wrong foot! ;-) ) i.e. change between 3 or 4 pairs. I realise not everyone has 10 pairs (!) but I think there's some benefit in swapping between different models of trainers. If nothing else, it varies whatever the impact / discomfort is. It doesn't have to be expensive. If you were going to replace your shoes in e.g. 6 months / 500 miles, then if you buy the second pair now and alternate them, then you still get 1 year out of 2 pairs. Just concurrently rather than one pair after the other, if you see what I mean?

And that brings up surfaces. Do you always run on same surface e.g. pavement/road? If you can vary that too - i.e. run on grass (which is where trail shoes come in, and varies the shoe too - see point 1!) occasionally, again, I think it just changes the loading on your feet.

And finally - running on road or pavement (i.e. tarmac or concrete) is the *hardest* surface for your feet, joints etc. If you can, try and run on grass, sand, snow, running track, gravel, basically, anything that's not tarmac, if you possibly can. All the best, :-) G
Mar 2020
9:02am, 4 Mar 2020
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The Scribbler
Hi NLR - I used to get a burning sensation in my feet when wearing a particular hiking boot. The best way way I could describe it was like a chilli burn, when you look at the surface of your skin and can't see any damage, but it's tingling and burning like crazy.

You've already had lots of suggestions to try, but the thing that worked for me was loosening the laces and trying different socks (bamboo fibre seem to be the best). I also changed my boots for something lighter and more breathable, but still waterproof, but I think the socks was the main thing.

I also get pins and needles in my feet every time I start wearing new trainers, no matter what brand and what socks. I reckon some of us have just got sensitive feet!
Mar 2020
3:25pm, 4 Mar 2020
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paul the builder
Nothing to add, except my OH also does this: ""Yeah I never tie/untie any of my shoes which is probably really stupid on my behalf and I think i will do from now on!""

and it drives me up the wall. :-)
Mar 2020
12:41pm, 8 Mar 2020
15 posts
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Hi everyone thank you for the advice! I ended up loosening my laces and getting new socks. I still get the pain around 1.5 miles in but after 1 or so miles it goes and it gets a lot better! Time to focus on meal plans now haha
Mar 2020
5:13pm, 8 Mar 2020
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I get a burning sensation on my longer runs usually after about 4 or 5 miles on the ball of my right foot, I've found putting Vaseline on helps

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