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bronchitis - 4 weeks now :(

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Aug 2015
2:00pm, 15 Aug 2015
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icelandic trigirl
I've had bronchitis for 4 weeks and am still not fit to run, bike or do much beyond a brisk walk. I went to a dr after 2 weeks and she said it would clear up with time but I should lay off the sport. (I am pretty healthy with no history of asthma or anything and I trust her on this. She said there was no wheeze and no sound of pneumonia.)
Anyway, after 3 weeks, I thought I was better and "ran" 10k (which meant running about 6 then walk/running the rest). Obviuosly it was too much but the main thing is that I set myself right back.

Now, I am not a patient person and I fear this is a "how long is apiece of string" question but I am signed up for a marathon relay on 19th Sep in Alaska (so 14k for me, but my part has really tough hills - the first 5k gains 500 metres!)

Anyway.... this is 5 weeks from today... what are my chances? I don't need to be fast because my co-runners are just in it for fun and are not very fast but how how can I get up a reasonable endurance in time? I'm still having severe coughing fits at night (till I vomit) so obs no running yet :( I think when I do start, I'll begin with just 4-5k but I don't even know when that will be.

So: short question: coming back from injury/sickness, how long does it normally take to get your endurance up to around 17-18k? (I say 17-18 because the hills will make it much more difficult than a normal 14k).
Aug 2015
3:57pm, 15 Aug 2015
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Now I'm no expert but I think you should bail now and take the pressure off yourself. It sounds like it's going to take a bit longer than you thought to even start back to a fitness regime let alone get to the level you'd need to be. Sorry. :(
Aug 2015
6:39pm, 15 Aug 2015
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icelandic trigirl
nnaaaawwwwssss :( Not the answer I wanted, obviously :/ I'll see if it's possible to change team members as I have already paid the 200$ registration.

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I've had bronchitis for 4 weeks and am still not fit to run, bike or do much beyond a brisk walk. I...

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