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Brisk walking benefits?

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Mar 2017
12:19pm, 17 Mar 2017
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Over the last year or so I've been doing quite a bit of brisk walking as training, maybe one day a week (I'll run the other 5-6) - I tend to do it on days when I want to lessen the impact on muscles which are sore from running training. By brisk I mean 12:30-13:00 pace, so reasonably speedy. It seems to me that as it pushes up my heart rate to above 100 for 45 minutes or more, it has to be doing something worthwhile. Just wondering whether other people do this and have found any benefits. I do follow a polarized training method, so I do my easy days easy and my hard days hard, but I'm wondering whether the different action of walking might lessen the training benefits.
Mar 2017
3:03pm, 17 Mar 2017
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Mick n Phil ( OBE )
that's exactly what I've been reduced to now a days -

4.5 years ago I had lung tumour surgery, which I've never fully recovered from - and I have prostate and reflux troubles, well contained by daily medication

Plus, pushing Phil ( now 13 stone ) in his wheelchair, is a bit harder as well

so, I had to revert to exactly what you've stated - it works absolutely fantastic, it keeps me in fine trim, physically, mentally and physcologically

so, from my vast experience of running, race pace and now doing this,

my advise would be stay happy, eat, drink, sleep well, - keep doing what your doing

:) :) :)
Mar 2017
4:03pm, 17 Mar 2017
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nice to see you pop in MnP and to hear how you're doing - good advice in your last line for all of us.

J2R my walking is nowhere near as fast as yours! sounds like you're putting lots of effort in there - are you enjoying it and do you feel well for it?
Mar 2017
5:01pm, 17 Mar 2017
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I'm fortunate in that my walking isn't something forced on me by circumstances, it's something extra I do on top of typically 35-50 miles of running training in the week. I normally do it when for example I have a bit of soreness in my calves, like today, which I don't want to exacerbate, but I feel the need to go out and get some fresh air. Just curious about the actual fitness benefits. I know in the olden days the top marathoners used to do a fair bit of walking to make up the miles - but I'm pretty sure they don't now.
Mar 2017
7:47pm, 17 Mar 2017
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Mick n Phil ( OBE )
I cannot complain - i've had some good years of running - 20 plus years ( pre Pushing Phil ) were race my race pace and up to 80 miles per week

15 years come April pushing Phil - but up to Nov 2012 most running with Phil was race pace,

I have always been of the belief ( in the immediate ) days especially after a long run or race pace when like of calves or thighs are screaming, the worst thing to do is sit around, the best thing of all was to and still is ( in my opinion ) to walk or jog

its a bit like oiling a chain - otherwise your peddling a rusty chain

my comments are what suits me, you must all do what suits you
Mar 2017
9:05am, 19 Mar 2017
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Ninky Nonk
Thumbs up for regular walks from me.

Bit of a metabolic boost, keeps weight down, good for a recovery, fresh air.

Beats sitting at my desk for half an hour at lunch.
Mar 2017
1:26pm, 27 Mar 2017
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Also a fan of brisk walking.

Think it helps to keep moving and is a step closer to running than sitting down all day
Mar 2017
11:49am, 30 Mar 2017
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I'm self-employed as a software developer and occasionally I find that I can think a problem through better if I'm away from the computer. At such times, I can often make worthwhile mental breakthroughs while out on a brisk walk. A slow jog also works, but as soon as I start to go faster, it becomes more difficult to concentrate.
Mar 2017
6:44pm, 30 Mar 2017
1693 posts
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Brisk walking / power walking is A Big Thing in Ireland, where you can often see small groups of people hurtling along the road with a purposeful gait going at a fair old lick.

Not really my thing, to be honest, but it's probably good exercise if you want to get the HR up a bit without the impact of running. So yeah, why not?
Mar 2017
8:29pm, 30 Mar 2017
33 posts
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I have a feeling "brisk walking pace" above is how fast I typically run (sigh).
And my real brisk walking pace is still 20 minutes per mile.
I got tested to have a VO2Max in 97th percentile when just about my only exercise was my brisk walking, so brisk walking may work well for me :).

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Over the last year or so I've been doing quite a bit of brisk walking as training, maybe one day a ...

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