Brathay 262 cycling event

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Jul 2016
3:56pm, 21 Jul 2016
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Happy Thursday everybody.

This a blatant personal plug so I apologise, especially as not running so much these days I'm not quite so active here as I once was.

I'm sure a few of you remember that in 2010, I spent a year of my life training for the Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days. I ran a lot of marathons, did a lot of training, everything went really well, but then with the car packed, and with 48 hours to go, things weren’t quite so good, out of apparently nowhere, I ended up with multiple significant bilateral pulmonary embolisms (lots of large blood clots on the lungs in normal speak) One can kill you, I had about 40 over both lungs, so instead spent the time I should have been running in hospital with tubes sticking out of me attached to an oxygen tank. Hardly ideal but I lived to tell the tale, was incredibly lucky and at least I found out I had a genetic blood disorder that needs daily medication before I couldn’t do anything about it.

By 2011, when I was going to go back and do it again, my right foot had fallen apart with a PF rupture, tumours and all sorts. My marathon days are now behind me, but I can still ride a bike. So this year, when the Brathay 262 cycling event was created, this has finally given me a chance to go somewhere near completing what still eats away at me. In September, I will be riding the 10 marathons (262 miles) with 11 other cyclists in one day. I cannot mess it up this time as I’m very grateful for the chance to almost put this right despite it being on wheels not feet!

This weekend I am doing my last through the night event in preparation (I’m crap at sleep deprivation) and doing a 600k event (yes, really, in one go) up in Yorkshire as training.

I would be very grateful for everyone who can sponsor me to (finally) complete 10 laps of Windermere, as it might give me a bit of encouragement this weekend when I would quite like a nap on my bike, please mention my name in the comments on the justgiving page as it’s a joint one.

Thanks so much
Heather (GF) xxx
Sep 2016
9:53am, 12 Sep 2016
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Happy Monday everyone.

I'm ready (sort of) to do this on Friday- still time to sponsor us at the link above.

Lots of love x
Sep 2016
10:53am, 12 Sep 2016
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Jock Itch
Few quid guys ? :) sponsor my wife above !!

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Happy Thursday everybody.

This a blatant personal plug so I apologise, especially as not running ...

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