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Book-loving Fetchies: critical friends needed

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Nov 2018
11:43am, 5 Nov 2018
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Hi all

As a hobby I’ve been working on a novel for a few years, on and off. In my mind it’s (finally) finished and I’m thinking about what to do with it next.

What I’m after are some Critical Friends who would be willing to have a quick read through some of the story and tell me – honestly – what they think of it. That covers everything from the characters, the plot and, just as importantly, the writing.

If you like or dislike it, which bits and why?
If you give up after the first chapter and would rather poke your eyes out than read on, that’s fine - but why?

Don’t be shy – there’s no point in you using your valuable time to help me if you’re not going to be completely candid.

If anyone would be kind enough to do this then please fmail me with your email address and I will ping you the first few chapters.

While there’s no real time limit on this, I guess a reply within a couple of weeks would be appreciated.

It’s a contemporary detective story called Hollywood’s Most Wanted. I don’t pretend it’s Shakespeare (hell, it’s probably not even Archer) but FYI here’s a synopsis:

Wade D’Ansel is the star of one of the world’s most popular sitcoms, Harley’s Angels. He has the perfect Hollywood life: success, fame and a beautiful wife. But what he wants most of all is to stop a blackmailer from revealing his secret.

Tommo is a chauffeur. He is highly popular, and among the cast and crew of Harley’s he is the most wanted driver in Hollywood. He reluctantly agrees to help Wade pay off the blackmailer. But what Tommo wants more than anything is a date with Hollywood starlet Lucy Dawson.

Detective Reginald Bergher is overweight, badly dressed, and of limited patience. He thinks policing should be done more like his heroes from 1970s and 80s TV detective shows. He has little time for Hollywood’s rich and famous and resents having to investigate the blackmail of A-lister Wade D’Ansel, especially as he has to put on hold the investigation into a series of increasingly violent armed robberies.

Added to the mix is a crime boss who wants to collect on a gambling debt; a spurned lover who wants revenge; a card player who wants to escape from the mob; and a TV mogul who wants to protect his TV show from scandal.

Hollywood’s Most Wanted - in a town where everyone wants something, some people will do anything to get it.

Any support would be appreciated :-)
Nov 2018
1:24pm, 5 Nov 2018
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Thanks to those who have fmailed me already.

A little boing...
Nov 2018
3:19pm, 5 Nov 2018
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Another little boing :-) And I'll have a read if you're still looking for feedback.
Nov 2018
3:23pm, 5 Nov 2018
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Ooh, that sounds like fun GordonG. I'm probably not well qualified to help, but very best of luck with it. I do have a pal who has self published reasonably successfully who I could ask how you could perhaps take your book forward.

I'm sure there are loads of professional readers/writers on this site who must be able to advise too - Scribbler is a professional writer (copy for business I think, as well as other things?) (Wish you could "tag" people to notify them in Fetch!) Best o luck. :-) G
Nov 2018
9:01am, 6 Nov 2018
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Thanks Ian, i've pinged you an extract

HG - yes self publishing is something i may well consider, cheers :-)
Dec 2018
12:58pm, 24 Dec 2018
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Yes, interesting. I'll give it a go if you still want feedback.

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