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Dec 2017
2:49pm, 1 Dec 2017
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I plan to replace the guttering around the front and rear of my house. It’s the same guttering since we moved in 20 years ago and may possibly even be the original guttering since the 60s. It's plastic guttering fixed to a wooden facia.

The one thing I would like advice on is whether I can re-use the bracket holes when I put up the new brackets (assuming they’re the same size and assuming everything including the facia is in adequate condition). Is it realistic to even consider this, or would the advice be to always drill new holes, regardless?

Dec 2017
3:55pm, 1 Dec 2017
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I'm not a builder, just a competent DIYer.

The first question is why do you want to replace the existing guttering? Has it become brittle? Are the joints leaking? If so, that may be due to the joint rubber seals perishing in which case you may be able to get away with just replacing the join units. Is it just looking "tired"? Some plastic paint would spruce it up. Is the water not flowing away? Perhaps the guttering has sagged so just need repositioning.

If you do need to do a complete replacement, provided the screwholes in the fascia board don't show any signs of decay they should be alright to reuse, although perhaps with wider screws. However, I have noticed that over the years the designs of brackets keep changing so you'd have to check that they are compatible with your system. The most notable problem is that the position of the screwholes in the new brackets probably won't match up with your existing fascia board holes.

If you don't reuse the holes, make sure you treat them first before filling them in.

Good luck.
Jan 2023
10:46am, 14 Jan 2023
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Having a fitness/electrical fittings problem here and hoping there's a fetch Sparky out there that can help me.

We've got an LED strip light in the shed/gym which winked out last night. I've assumed it's the "bulb" that's gone.

The specific one fitted is this:

I've done a bit of googling about and I can't see anything that says what replacement I need.

2 questions if anyone has any expertise:

With these LED strip things is it likely that it's the actual LED strip fitting/bulb bit that has failed or something else in fitting?

And if it is likely to be that how do I track down a replacement because the best I'm coming up with is buying a full new unit (about £40) and cannibalising it for the bits I need.

Any guidance from the Hive Mind will be gratefully received.

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