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Blood Pressure

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Nov 2013
11:27am, 27 Nov 2013
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I have recently started getting dizzy spells / blurred vision - stars in your eyes etc, when getting up quickly from a seated position, (say for example after watching a few epiosdes of a series on Netflix).

So was thinking it was something to do with my blood pressure? Think its best if I get it checked out at the docs. THinking it will be low blood pressure compared to high although last time i went they said I had high blood pressure, although I wasnt as fit and healthy as I am now and was overweight. Been a while since I took my resting HR but last time I took it, it was 47.

Anyone else have this issue - and do anything to resolve it (apart from getting it checked out at the docs)? Cheers :)
Nov 2013
11:48am, 27 Nov 2013
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If you google "Orthostatic Hypotension", you'll see it is not uncommon for people with low HR.

The obvious way to resolve it would be "don't get up quickly from a seated position" :-)
Nov 2013
12:54pm, 27 Nov 2013
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Thanks Ceratonia - will have a look.

Will monitor and maybe get it checked out just to be on the safe side - and take it easy when getting out my chair, lol.
Nov 2013
1:18pm, 27 Nov 2013
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plodding hippo
Do you have a blood pressure monito at home
if so, would be worth checking BP sitting and standing
Also some BP meds are more likely to casue orthostatic hypotension
Nov 2013
3:11pm, 27 Nov 2013
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Ok, yep - that would be good but, I dont have a blood pressure monitor home.
Nov 2013
4:21pm, 27 Nov 2013
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Derby Tup
HR and blood pressure aren't really linked. My resting HR is 45-ish when I'm anything like fit but my blood pressure is border-line needs meds
Nov 2013
5:27pm, 27 Nov 2013
985 posts
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Aren't BP and HR both linked to weight and fitness? Maybe not directly/causally to each other, though.

My evidence for this is an unscientific experiment on one morbidly obese and inactive female, who became very active and only slightly obese, and has maintained the changes. BP has dropped from 140/90 (sucks teeth and wonders about meds) to 110/60 and and resting HR from 65ish to 45. Furthermore, hypoglycaemic medication has been withdrawn and the subject now has an HbA1C reading in the impaired glucose tolerance range.

My guess is that this person does not have a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure, it was a consequence of the weight and inactivity. Whereas other people (like DT) do have a genetic tendency to high blood pressure, and are going to develop it no matter what.

Even some skinny people get type 2 diabetes...
Nov 2013
10:17am, 28 Nov 2013
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I kind of get the gist you are saying Rev, although you have lost me with some of the technical medical terms at the the end there lol.

I also though this, as fitter, healthy generally your resting HR would decrease and blood pressure will be within the normal range 120/80 or possibly lower.

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