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Oct 2011
6:51am, 6 Oct 2011
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Sadly not acquired as a result of running :-( but still find myself with blisters (some burst some not yet) all over the balls and under the toes on both feet. So is there anything I can do to treat them? And how on earth do I walk anywhere today??
Oct 2011
7:11am, 6 Oct 2011
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Ultra runners put two holes in the blister and drain the fluid, then inject iodine into the space between the loose skin and the raw stuff underneath that.

Personally I pop the blister, remove all the dead skin and stick a blister plaster over the offending area. Those plasters seem to have something in them that numbs the pain of the open skin after about 20 minutes or so of having it on. If the blicter is on the bottom of your foiot and you want the plaster to stay put wrap a couple of lengths of micropore over the plaster the whole way round your foot.
Oct 2011
8:08am, 6 Oct 2011
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Nick Cook
Those blister plaster plasters are magic. Pain goes away completely. Definitely put some of those on!
Oct 2011
8:34am, 6 Oct 2011
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Yip the blister plasters are fab. I pop, drain and then put one of those on them. Had a huge one on the instep of my foot and with one of those plasters on I could run pain free.

Another tip, its to soak you feet in salty warm water. Apparently it helps harden the skin and will also allow the fluid in the blisters to be absorbed back into the skin.
Oct 2011
7:01pm, 7 Oct 2011
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Mrs mjb
Vote for bursting and then a blister plaster - had one on my finger at work the other week - blister due to making 4 lots of play doh :-0 and they work just as well on fingers as feet!
Oct 2011
8:34pm, 7 Oct 2011
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Can confirm that blister plasters worked amazingly. Combined with 24 hours of very careful hobbling, followed by a run that burst all the rest of them. Not very pretty though!
Jul 2012
12:30pm, 2 Jul 2012
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Yes, I know that they come with the territory, but I thought I would bounce this around and see what happens.

True to form, having run a marathon yesterday, I have a blister on the second smallest toe of my right foot. That is my fifth marathon of he year, and the fifth blister. I wasn not racing, merely running at training pace.

I knew I would be getting it, because, as usual, about 13 miles in, a hot spot developed on my toe which, once I got shoes and socks off, turned out to be a blister

So why am I telling a forum full of runners this, this is nothing unique to me!?

Thing is, I run 18+ milers at the weekend as a matter of course, often faster than the 8.40 ish/mile that I ran yesterday, sometimes slower. I wear the same shoes and socks, same shoelaces, laced the same way. I never get a blister in training.

I have used different generations of the same shoe, and different generations of different shoes, with no problems training, but once I run a marathon, I can guarantee the return of the usual blister. The only cause that I can identify is pinning a number onto myself!

Am I just incredibly unlucky? Anyone got any advice?
Sep 2012
9:55am, 3 Sep 2012
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Angel Wings
Searching around to find some answers to the 'why do I get blisters' question and found this thread - in a feeble attempt to revive it, I have pretty much the same problem as you DeeGee. I could run on my hands in an event and still get blisters on my feet. Why is this? And what can I do about it? Need to try to find an answer pretty smartish. Was wondering if I stick Rock Tape over the places where I regularly get blisters, would that perhaps prevent them? Is it worth a try or has someone else tried this and got any advice on it?
May 2016
4:56pm, 8 May 2016
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Surrey Phil
I have been fairly lucky with not getting blisters but not of late. I did a total of 31 miles in a new pair of shoes before a race and then got a lovely blood blister on the outside of the ball of one foot. Every time I now do a long run in them, another one appears, whether I cover the existing blister(s) with a plaster or not. The other foot is fine and I always apply enough Vaseline before I run.

As I don't normally have such issues, it can't really be my running technique. However, I am thinking whether the problem is the shoe itself or if I need to re-lace the shoes in a better way.

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