Back/hip/leg pain

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Oct 2011
1:15pm, 16 Oct 2011
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I had a slight hip niggle for a couple of months after an abs class where one of the exercises was causing my hip area to make a clunking noise and then the area above it (not in the joint, more near the surface) was sore. It was getting better and I had returned to being able to do faster running on the flat with only slight awareness of some discomfort, although at times hills were still mildly aggrevating it.

Then yestesday I did some undulating cross country intervals as a test to see whether it was up to doing the first race of the cross country season on Saturday. The answer to this was no as I have been in a lot of pain since. The pain was initially around the hip and glute area but by the afternoon was vertically down the whole right side of my lower back, around my hip and deep in my glute, the front of my thigh and shooting down the side (not back) of my leg all the way to my foot.

I can walk, bend etc without much difficulty, and I am inclined to believe that it is all just very tight as a result of doing a lot of cycling recently whilst recovering from Plantar Fascitis. So I am therefore wanting to do some harder stretching, strengthening and self massage whilst sticking to swimming until it settles down. However, if it is just muscles and tightness, would this be causing the shooting down the leg and should I be more conservative with the harder rehab stuff until the pain is a lot better? I don't want to do any more harm but usually when I'm injured my body seems to respond well to a good hard pounding on a foam roller and similar!!

Any advice would be gratefully recieved.
Oct 2011
1:33pm, 16 Oct 2011
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No advice as I have no knowledge/experience of this. But you have my sympathy... Heal fast :)
Oct 2011
6:11pm, 16 Oct 2011
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Lisa T
I get a similar thing sometimes & it responds really well to massage. I can generally find a knot in my glute & massaging that with the stick or foam roller really helps. I also have been doing lots of cycling since recovering from plantar! Could also be worth checking out your saddle height as my itb & hip improved when I played with my saddle height & moved it down & forward slightly. Hope it gets better soon.
Oct 2011
7:17pm, 16 Oct 2011
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Thanks RIC and thanks for the tip Lisa, I will have a play around to see if the saddle and see if that helps.......when my pain has reduced to the point where I can think about getting back on the bike! A rest day on a Sunday has felt very odd indeed and I think I may be confined to the pool this week :-(

On the plus side the shooting down the leg has now stopped, and I am just left with the very tight and painful back and glute. I sat on a tennis ball earlier and had a little roll around, and got OH to run his elbow down my back and glute, these made me yelp lots and lots but don't seem to have made things worse, so hopefully will do some good.
Oct 2011
7:26pm, 16 Oct 2011
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Message cabletow-he knows everything and diagnosed my hip tear on here before my own physio

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