Atrial Fibrillation

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12:07pm, 28 Jan 2017
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Back in June I noticed an elevated pulse on runs:
Lots of interesting feedback, but I never got to the bottom of it, and it went away.

Recently, I had an attack of palpitations, and a trip to A&E had me diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. I was given beta blockers to control my pulse and sent home to wait for a cardiology appointment. At first I was shocked, depressed, scared and angry with myself for screwing up my body with Christmas excesses. My GP was very positive and reassuring, and could see no reason why I shouldn't exercise.
Three weeks on and I've had no further palpitations and my pulse, which I regularly check at the wrist, is strong, regular and at the rates I experienced before: 60s at rest and a bit higher moving around. I stopped taking the beta blockers a week ago, and have improved my diet and added Magnesium supplements and Hawthorn Berry extract. I haven't yet talked to my doctor about stopping the medicine, but I've had no other symptoms, so I figure it's OK. I'll make a GP appointment soon.

I've done three 5k runs, taking it easy of course. I felt fine, if very unfit, with none of the symptoms associated with AF. The readings on my HRM are very similar to those I was getting for a spell last summer. I can only conclude that I was having a period of AF at that time without realising it. It resolved itself, so I'm hoping that my current episode will do the same. I imagine the atrial fluttering is what causes the very high readings, because it certainly doesn't feel like I'm running at 180bpm. On one run, my reading was around 220, so I walked for a minute and it quickly dropped to 130 and stayed around there for the remainder of the run. It seems the AF comes and goes, but without an ECG permanently attached and a team of medics following me I won't know the answers. Cardiology appointment is at the end of March, and the GP says I'll probably be a good candidate for cardioversion (electric shock to re-set the heartbeat). Fingers crossed it will be one by then.
Jan 2017
6:21pm, 28 Jan 2017
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Back in June I noticed an elevated pulse on runs:

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