Asics GT 1000 v4

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Mar 2016
7:27am, 23 Mar 2016
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Hi folks, I've just tried my new pair having had v3 of these shoes. I got on really well with them but the new ones pinch my toes a bit - I got pins and needles. How have others found them?
Mar 2016
12:12pm, 23 Mar 2016
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Never had a pair of those, sorry - but I expect someone has. *bump*
Mar 2016
1:57pm, 23 Mar 2016
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Triplet Dad
I tried on a pair of the V4's in my local running shop but they were too tight for me despite the V3's being fine.

I tried re-lacing them to miss out one set of eyelets to give some more space at the pinch point (bottom of my big toe) which did help but in the end I opted not to go for them and ordered a couple of pairs of V3's online instead.

They did say in the shop at the time that shoe manufacturers are generally going for narrower fittings at the moment due to a rise in female runners who generally have narrower feet - but not sure if that was true or not.

It's probably not any help, but you can still get V3's online at the moment. Won't help you with the V4's you've already bought but it might get you past this version and maybe V5 will be back to normal again.
Mar 2016
6:34pm, 23 Mar 2016
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Ive just got some, I didn't notice any difference relative to the v3s.
Mar 2016
9:07pm, 23 Mar 2016
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Steampunk seratonin
Must be a problem with new versions Pebbs.
I used to have a pair of GT2060's and they were fine. More recently, I have been using Mizuno's.

I came across a pair of GT2000's cheap on Keller Sports and thought that I would give them a try. I found that the toe box is cramped. One of my toes rubs against the upper every time I run and was making it bleed. I have bought a roll of micropore and put a little square on my toe for every run. It has fixed the problem but it's a cumbersome solution. I don't think that I will buy another pair when these need replacing.
Mar 2016
2:33pm, 24 Mar 2016
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Thanks very much, it's always helpful to hear other people's experiences. The problem is once you try out running shoes, you can't send them back. I will try re-lacing and I may get some new socks. I got some super duper new ones and they feel a bit thicker. Maybe my feet are like paddles too (i didn't think they were)!
Apr 2016
11:14am, 11 Apr 2016
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I have just got a pair and, even with my pasty white flippers, they are fine. I did replace my old V1s (!?) with them (long term injury) and found them joyous!

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Hi folks, I've just tried my new pair having had v3 of these shoes. I got on really well with them ...

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