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Apple Watch 3 & Running

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Feb 2018
9:14pm, 14 Feb 2018
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Hi all,

Currently running using a Garmin Forerunner 235, which I have used for 2+ years and 2000+ miles of running. It's been great.

However, looking to replace this soon - looking at the Apple Watch 3 or the new Garmin 645 Music

The Apple Watch 3 (Nike + version probably) has calling/texts, music streaming, HRM etc - but potentially a 4-5 hour battery life during GPS tracked runs.

The Garmin 645 Music has all the usual Garmin features, storage of music online the watch (and connects Deezer only at present as a streaming service), Garmin Pay etc

Both almost the same price - although I like the idea that I can leave my phone at home (for either music/podcasts, and for emergency calling texting). I hate running with too much on me - including a phone - but after a few issues people have had on runs who never took a phone, I am very cautious about this.

Question - any doing any serious running with an Apple Watch 3? Read lots of info & reviews online but would really like to hear actual real feedback, especially on how it performs on longer runs - I am a sub 4:30 marathon runner so need it to last this time during events (even with LTE calling switched off).

Thanks in advance.
Feb 2018
7:57am, 15 Feb 2018
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It doesn't directly answer your question, but have you tried a FlipBelt for carrying your phone?

Great piece of kit, holds stuff snugly so it doesn't jiggle about, you'd almost forget you were wearing it.

4-5 hour battery sounds like it will struggle to meet your needs if you're running 4:30 marathons, especially as battery capacity does seem to diminish over time for most devices - phones, running watches, whatever.
Feb 2018
11:27pm, 15 Feb 2018
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Thanks Fitz.

Yeah - I have a FlipBelt, and a SpiBelt (plus a few others). I can get my phone I. The pocket of my Soar jacket too.

I have a small running phone for taking on emergencies/long runs but fancied merging all my equipment together.
Jul 2018
8:04am, 16 Jul 2018
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Is this still live? I have an Apple Watch 3 and a Fenix 5S. One's a darned fine smart watch you can run with at a pinch. The other is a brilliant sports watch with a few smart features.

As different as two clever bits of wrist-based tech could possibly be.

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Hi all,

Currently running using a Garmin Forerunner 235, which I have used for 2+ years and 2000+...

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