Any thoughts or advice? Calf pain a week before a marathon.

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Sep 2011
7:44pm, 25 Sep 2011
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I strained my calf muscle last Thursday.I first felt a tight achilles, then I got a gradual pain in the calf. Physio says its just "tight" not a tear. 10days later I still can't run:-(

Have had sports massage on calf- which was really painful and I have come out in bruises!!:-0
Am massaging calf myself after the usual RICE
Hope you have better luck than me RicC
Sep 2011
8:52pm, 26 Sep 2011
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Sorry to hear that NRGEE, that doesn't sound good at all! Hope you recover soon.

I took it easy all weekend and saw the physio tonight who said that muscle was 'blocked' - I apparently wasn't stretching my who calf properly so the build up of lactic acid so the inside bit was just building up and going solid. I've had a pretty serious pummelling (nowt unusual there though) and the calf is quite tender but feeling much better. I think I might manage Mabo after all! :)
Sep 2011
9:02pm, 26 Sep 2011
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Really hope you manage Mabo RicC
I've been told my bruises are reactionary to the deep tissue massage.
Saw physio today- he says another week off running.
I am cross training(XTRAINER and EX BIKE)- physio says to continue this. I'll be interested to know if you develop bruising after your "serious pummelling"......
My marathon is laps(x5). I am still holding out hope of starting the race and I can "call it a day" if necessary(as I am never too far from the start/finish)
Sep 2011
10:20pm, 26 Sep 2011
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Glad to hear the physio (Was it A? :-)) was able to help you and you're more hopeful re Mablethorpe! I didn't know you were doing it - it's a fair distance away. Fingers crossed you'll be feeling much better in the next couple of days.

Of course, the same goes for NRGEE, too!

I'm off to see A on Wednesday to hear whether I can start at Kielder or not.
Sep 2011
9:21pm, 30 Sep 2011
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Hey NRGEE - no bruises here, although a bit of reddening. Can't say that I bruise that easily though and I know everyone is different. It is still sore that and I still have concerns that it wasn't sufficient or has left me in too fragile a state but hey... nowt I can do now!!

Hope the x-training is going ok - definitely keeps you ticking over. Another week is tough psychologically though. And good point re your marathon - the maps will make it much easier to cope with and should give you more confidence to give it a go!
Sep 2011
9:25pm, 30 Sep 2011
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Hi SpicedApple - yep, it was A and jeezo, a grown man has never got me that close to tears before!! I thought my tibia was bending at one point! And I've got the joy of a post-race appointment next Wednesday!

Definitely much better but not 100%. Gonna give it a blast as you never know! :) I'm one of the championship people at Mabo so will be representing my work team - not an obvious choice otherwise I guess!

Hope Wednesday went well and you got good news about Kielder - definitely one on my list as it sounds like a great race! My fingers are crossed!!

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