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Any docs around? Peroneal tendonitis v 5th metatarsal stress fracture

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Oct 2011
5:16pm, 20 Oct 2011
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Take paracetamol too. Ibuprofen will help with swelling.
Oct 2011
5:25pm, 20 Oct 2011
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Thanks Cromey, will do. Thanks for all the advice :)
Oct 2011
6:29pm, 20 Oct 2011
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Lisa T
Nothing to add except, hope it gets better soon. Had to laugh at Chromey's running like 'a div'. When I had a biomechanical assessment the podiatrist told me I run funny & will never be like a gazelle. Charming! Watching it in slow mo, I had to agree! :-)
Oct 2011
6:53pm, 20 Oct 2011
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Ian M
Everyone, regardless of who they are can learn to run with better technique. If people without legs can manage, then so can anyone else.

It sounds very much like peroneal tendon issues to me too. Usually it is as a result of tension in the foot - some people try to run keeping their heel off the ground and that's a major cause of damage to this area. Imagine landing with 4X bodyweight on an already tensed tendon/muscle? then you get an idea of how and why it happens.

Can also be as a result of pushing off too hard or running on your toes. Some people actually do both and that gives them a double whammy where ain can be felt almost anywhere on top of foot, outer side and from any of the metatarsals.

I'm not a medic but I have experienced these injuries over the last few years. Since I improved my running style, things have been much better. That being said, improvement in running style is an ongoing thing - it can always be better. Lapses in concentration can let tension creep back in - especially when tired and you end up running like a div which ends up in injury or very close to it.

At the moment, all you can do is rest. Stop running on it at all until the pain goes away. Then try running by falling forwards with good upright posture, picking feet up quickly as you go. Don't whatever you do, try to land on your forefoot or spring off from the toes. If you have to try anything think of flat floppy relaxed feet as you run, keep good posture and see what happens.

Good luck.
Oct 2011
6:56pm, 20 Oct 2011
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Ian M
Oops, forgot to mention. Might be worth dropping CableTow a line - he's a doctor with a sports injury interest and he is very good at what he does.
Oct 2011
7:19pm, 20 Oct 2011
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Ian - I have been concentrating on improving my running style for a long time with Chi running. It was working up until last Sunday

I have run far further more often this year than ever before - longer lsr's more often, a 20 mile race and a 30 mile ultra all without issue.

I know that my running style caused my ITBS and that was why I turned to chi running to improve it.

I was shocked/surperised/angry when it suddenly descended upon me again 12 miles in to my marathon last Sunday :(
Oct 2011
7:27pm, 20 Oct 2011
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Ian M
Best thing you can do is learn from it. Instead of getting angry with yourself askyourself what you think could cause it. Changing/ improving technique isn't a clOsed book. We can all improve as I said and everyone makes mistakes and lapses style now and then. Your injuries are consistent with increased tension and I would expect your chi coach to have the same or similar view.
Oct 2011
11:36am, 23 Oct 2011
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Just seen this thread Liliaicha and have to say that everything you described is exactly what I got after the GNR. I stupidly ran the Great Edinburgh run a few weeks later thinking it would be okay but by god did I hurt on the Monday. So much so I couldn't walk on my right foot. I seriously thought I had fractured my foot. I was stupid to run but thought I could get through it.

I know what caused my initial injury - tight calf muscles, soleus was super tight and my achilles ached. I over compensated my running in the GNR to ease on the calf which then caused the issues with my foot. Last week was the first time I could run and that was a gentle 2 miles on the treadmill but it was like Bambi learning to walk again. I had to re-think my running pattern and go back to heel striking which seems to have helped. I am going back to the gym to run today but again it will be a gentle run. My foot and ankle are a hundred times better and I am more concious of what I do and I definitely make sure I STRETCH my muscles regularly. I had stopped stretching regularly after club runs and it has caused the issues. I echo everything IanM has said about tension etc.

I have the Great South next week and I will need to re-think my running pattern while doing it.

Hope the foot gets getter soon.

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Ran Abingdon on Sunday - at 12miles in my right ITB went, and I was in a lot of pain Stupid I know,...

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