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Advice sought please....Vomiting caused by asthma???

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Nov 2013
8:33pm, 21 Nov 2013
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I got diagnosed with asthma last year and after a bollocking by the nurse early this year I now take my preventer every morn/night & the reliever approx 20 mins before exercise. I've been cycling up until the change in weather, and back to running again now. However, during the first 10mins or so I start coughing up loads of nasty stuff, and feel/am sick with it. I'll carry on coughing more up and then it seems to settle 3+ miles in. Yesterday was a bit more violently sick, mucus stuff again, a bit more coughing & then it settles.

What is causing this? Is it the asthma? What can I do to prevent the nausea as I'm too embarrassed to go back to run club while I'm coughing up and being sick.
Nov 2013
4:38pm, 25 Nov 2013
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Sounds more like coughing and gagging rather than primarily vomiting?

Asthma does cause mucus in the lungs, and the change in exercise might be shaking it up (if for instance you are working harder when running than cycling).
If I am right it should settle, but if it doesn't I would get to your GP.
Nov 2013
4:43pm, 25 Nov 2013
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I would head back and make an app with the asthma nurse, they will help you out, you might nbeed to up your preventer for a little while, or a change in meds...

I have lived with asthma for about 25 years and I have experienced the above and it is horrible, I now know how much to take of what to keep things pretty much under control, but that takes time, and a good relationship with the asthma nurse...

Best of luck and keep at it x
Nov 2013
5:13pm, 25 Nov 2013
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I'd say if you are taking your preventer and then topping it up with your reliever every day you need to change your meds.

Rule of thumb is that if you have to use your reliever more than 3 times a week then something needs to be changed in your prescription. I found seretide (combined preventer/reliever) to be excellent.

I agree with the Doc, it sounds more like gagging rather than the asthma causing the vomiting.
Nov 2013
8:02am, 26 Nov 2013
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Thank you all so much for your responses as I was at a loss and work silly shifts so getting to the asthma nurse was going to be last resort as was trying to figure it out first.....silly me. I will call up the nurse this week and get another appointment.

The asthma nurse told me last time to use my preventer before exercise, but I'll need to check how often. Last time I went to see her earlier in the year it was because I wasn't managing my asthma well.....I was in denial I had it.

When you mention gagging, I do get that kind of feeling....then I'm suddenly sick. Is it the mucus that's causes that response? I've noticed soon as I up my pace too much I feel slightly sick & coughing up again.

BarefootEm, how long did it take to learn how to control it?

I did go out for a 6miler yesterday, but this time slowed up my pace by 30+ secs on the first mile. It's the first time in several runs I haven't been sick. I was coughing up mucus though but trying to expel it quickly before I felt nauseous again. Ideally I need to stop coughing up before going back to club running.
Nov 2013
8:07am, 26 Nov 2013
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My preventer/tuberhaler/white one does the trick for me. If I use it once a day, I'm fine on the whole. The one odd phenomenon is I always have one horrendous run somewhere near the start of winter when the temperature drops and I can barely breathe while running - next run I'll be fine and it usually never happens again.
Nov 2013
8:29am, 26 Nov 2013
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Maybe you need to give your preventer a little longer than 20mins to work , i take my preventer (Clenil ) and reliever ( Serevent ) as soon as i get out of bed, then i have a blast on my ventolin just as i go out the door , seems to work well for me .
Nov 2013
8:47am, 26 Nov 2013
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Ah I meant the reliever I have before my run....I have the brown preventer Clenil when I get up/go to bed too Philbo.

kif-kif....maybe that's a trigger too as weather has been much colder since I started running. I do remembrance early in the year on my first ride out in cold weather I was sick too after coughing up lots of stuff but it only happened the once.
Nov 2013
8:50am, 26 Nov 2013
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I was diagnosed with asthma early last year as a result of pretty much the same symptoms you describe (thanks Fetch because I wasn't associating retching with (not) breathing). I only use a blue ventolin inhaler and find it works best if I take one puff about 20 minutes before I run, then another almost immediately before. I'd strongly recommend a visit to the asthma nurse to check that you're on the right combination of medicines and also using them correctly - it's not always as obvious as you think.
Nov 2013
9:02am, 26 Nov 2013
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Thanks for this thread icklevee, I have been having this same thing happen to me for a while, although I'm never actually sick, I often get stopped in my tracks by the gagging (urgh), always within about 200m of my door, in fact nearly always at the corner of the embankment. It's worse when I've had a cold and therefore am a bit more full of mucus.

Maybe I need to get my peakflow checked out.

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