Advice needed with feeling faint and getting a migraine straight after running

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Sep 2013
1:47pm, 9 Sep 2013
First-time poster!!
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Hi everyone!

It's my first post on here so hoping this works! I've had a couple of bad experiences recently and was hoping to get some advice...I was recommended this site by a friend at my running club.

So here goes... I'm training for the great north run and last saturday i did a 10 mile run. I'd had breakfast and always take water with me. After the run we had lunch and had a tea and soft drink. I got home and had a quick bath and about an hour later i was sitting at my dressing table and suddenly felt the room spin. I felt like i'd been punched in the face as it happened so quickly and severly. The whole room was spinning so badly that i had to lie down on the floor. I was there for about ten minutes, feeling hot and panicky. Clearly i was about to faint but was able to pull round before that happened. I felt really groggy and "floaty" for the rest of the day.

I did a couple of smaller sessions during the week and was ok but this Saturday i did another 10 mile run and as soon as i'd finished i started with a visual migraine. The aura lasted for only a few minutes but again i was really groggy for the rest of the day.

Just wondering if these are just coincidential or should it be something to be worried about? I'm feeling really anxious about the great north run now in case these happen again. Can anyone give me any advice as to why these have happened? I thought i'd hydrated and eaten enough but perhaps not?

Ay advice would be much appreciated! Many thanks :)
Sep 2013
2:15pm, 9 Sep 2013
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What The Actual Fleecy
I have no experience of migraines after running but sometimes get light-headed after a long race or long run if I don't eat very soon afterwards or take something to eat during my run, low blood sugar makes me feel faint and sick. Do you get migraines often? If it happens again maybe see your GP to be on the safe side. And welcome to fetch btw :)
Sep 2013
2:35pm, 9 Sep 2013
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Hi lisamac! Welcome to fetch. I get migraines but over the last week I had acute vertigo-yup, like being bowled over suddenly by an intergalactic death ray. Now, for some, this can be a symptom of migraines too I think, but for me they were separate issues (post-viral). then I ended up with a migraine too probably cos of all the compensatory neck/head movements I was making without realising. With running experience, I can now keep my shoulders and neck quite relaxed and can get some relief from a migraine but if I don't then I'm in a lot of pain afterwards. Of course I'm just writing about my own personal experiences- the causes of your symptoms could be completely different so absolutely get checked out ... especially if the ear tubes are being involved (balance). Hope it improves quickly :)
Sep 2013
2:41pm, 9 Sep 2013
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Sep 2013
3:06pm, 9 Sep 2013
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Welcome to Fetch!

You don't say how long your run took, but for me, anything over two hours I'd take something to eat, a gel, jelly babies or flapjack.

You also mention you've drunk when you get home, but not eaten, I'd suggest something to eat when you get in. There are lots of theories on what is best, like a combination of carbs and protein, but probably something you fancy is the best thing!
Sep 2013
9:09pm, 9 Sep 2013
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Welcome to fetch LisaMac. Have you tried a recovery drink when you get back?
Sep 2013
3:21pm, 11 Sep 2013
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Welcome to Fetch, i'd say eat straight after and use Isotonic drinks not just water when you run longer distances.
Sep 2013
9:11am, 17 Sep 2013
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icelandic trigirl
Eat! I don't know much about migraines but you must eat after a run, ideally within 30 minutes. I find this really difficult to do in practice, BUT I can force myself to drink rather disgusting recovery drinks (SIS powders). At least I know some of the sugar, carbs, proteins and minerals are going back in.

You also didn't say what your breakfast was, so make sure it is something with "low-GI" - that is, something that will breakdown slowly (ok, don't laugh, doctors, because I don't know how to describe it). Just google it. I imagine you didn't eat right before running, so there is a fair chance that by the time you got your trainers on, you had already metabolised most of your breakfast.

I also agree that on a ten mile run, you should probably take something with you; either a sports drink or a gel for a pick up half way around. Even jelly babies will do it (and taste better). Or even just before you go.

If you are prone to dizziness (from low blood pressure), my GP reliably informed me that taking up sport should actually help you a bit.

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Hi everyone!

It's my first post on here so hoping this works! I've had a couple of bad experien...

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