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Adidas presents The X - free women's running/workout events in London Victoria Park

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Feb 2016
6:50pm, 13 Feb 2016
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Yes, that's like an advert :-). But it popped up when I was searching for something* and I thought that looking past it basically being to sell you shoes (and the associated copy: "your energy will light the dark" "Adidas ambassadors" "specially designed pop-up space") some people might find it quite fun, especially the "spectacular night-time running sessions on the park’s track that will be beautifully illuminated".

Runs 18th to 28th February, events free but ticketed (available from 15th) blurb here billetto.co.uk

(Maybe everyone in That London knows of it already. And yes, blatantly discriminatory. And I'm baffled at the description of 18th to 28th being ten days - erm, eleven? Maybe they have a day off.)

*Victoria parkrun, Glasgow's fastest.
Feb 2016
12:45pm, 16 Feb 2016
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Bump in case any weekday people might be the slightest bit interested ;-) (and are not male).

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"Your energy will light the dark.". No really, it will. Also, energising sunrise yoga and Recharge Bar and Energy Room. For if your batteries have gone a bit flat, presumably.

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