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Ache in lower back

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Nov 2011
12:00am, 4 Nov 2011
First-time poster!!
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Johnny Two Shoes
I've taken up running again after a long absence and have developed a very minor ache in my lower back. I bought a decent pair of cushioned shoes so I don't think that is the problem. For the past few days I've also been using a roller to strengthen core stomach muscles. I don't want the problem to get worse, not do I want to rest after feeling so enthusiastic about running again. Anyone got any ideas?
Nov 2011
7:10am, 4 Nov 2011
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Hi johnny welcome to fetch.

I am not sure what you are doing with the roller as I use mine for massage not strengthening. I would suggest you need to strengthen your core with exercise.

Pilates if you can handle the boredom. Or yoga (which is more interesting) and some good strengthening exercises for abs and glutes. :-) (yes, your glutes are important for core)
Nov 2011
7:19am, 4 Nov 2011
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Cat the Dog
Welcome to Fetch. I had huge lower back problems a couple of years ago and still have a few niggles, so you are right to address the problem now before it gets any worse.

My back problem was caused by poor core strength and poor posture when running (and walking and sitting!). As Stumpy says glutes are important too, my physio gave me exercises to make sure I was firing my glutes (instead of weaker muscles, which was causing me pain) when running.
Nov 2011
9:07am, 4 Nov 2011
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SODIron © 2002
could also be muscle tightness...I've found in the past that if my hip flexors get tight I get lower back pain.

You could try some of the stretches here to help alleviate the pain;
Nov 2011
9:16am, 4 Nov 2011
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eL Bee!
Check out Iliopsoas stretches.
Because we spend so much time sat down this one shortens and is associates with lower back pain
Nov 2011
9:17am, 4 Nov 2011
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plodding hippo
By "roller" do you mean a device to help you do situps/crunches?

if so, i bet thats the cause of your back ache

welcome to fetch
Nov 2011
9:51am, 4 Nov 2011
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good point from SOD and eB. hip flexors have been the cause of my back problems, BUT it is the fact that they are stronger and more contacted than the opposing muscles and that I don't use my glutes properly. if you can afford it, worth seeing a physio or someone for sports massage to get it all loosened off and proper exercise regime. you need to stick to it religiously for about 6 weeks .
Nov 2011
1:57pm, 4 Nov 2011
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Johnny Two Shoes
Thank you all for the warm welcome and the helpful advice. I've learned two things with this post. The first was how valuable sites like these are in bringing like-minded people together. The second is how ignorant I am. The Hip Flexors? The Glutes? You could have told me they were bands and I would have believed you. I am taking all you advice on board. I'll ditch the roller (thanks plodding hippo) and do the stretches on fitsugar (thanks sodiron) and iliopsoas (thanks el Bee) and I'll look into my glutes (thanks Stumpy) as soon as I find out what they are! And yes, Cat the Dog, I have also wondered about posture. Thanks again.
Nov 2011
2:21pm, 4 Nov 2011
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plodding hippo

glutes are those muscles that make up your bot bot
Nov 2011
2:53pm, 4 Nov 2011
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I'm still going through physio for a long standing back problem, part of this involves core and posture stuff and it's making a big difference. I'm back running again finally but still have good days and bad days.

However if I can offer one small bit of advice: Please do pay attention to how your body feels when doing the excercises, if you get any pain whatsoever during the excercise then stop and move on to a different one. There are lots of core excercises that make my back worse even with good technique supervised by my physio - and also don't rush to do too much too soon, a strong and balanced core doesn't happen overnight.

Good Luck :-)

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