Abingdon Fetchpoint

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Oct 2011
1:02am, 17 Oct 2011
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We had a great time. Lovely to meet so many of you, though some of you i get real names and Fetch names confused. Well done to all those who ran too. Strangeley enough we took my son and friends to see some bands in Oxford this evening and were diverted on the way home to Reading and ended up back in Abingdon!! Never been there before (as far as i remember) and then twice in the same day!

Well done JJFlash for the organising. Some great teamwork going on... :)
Oct 2011
6:06am, 17 Oct 2011
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JJ Flash
Organising such lovely people is easy.
Wasn't it fun? Thank you all so much for coming.

Oct 2011
6:13am, 17 Oct 2011
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Ultra Kazzaaaaah!!
Thanks again all. You were awesome - fact :)

First time round two women who we were running past asked 'what's Fetchpoint' when I said we were about to get to you. I'm not sure I quite prepared them for the experience! ;)
Oct 2011
7:36am, 17 Oct 2011
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Yes, thank you JJ for your phenomenal organisational skills! It was a lot of fun indeed :-)
Oct 2011
7:56am, 17 Oct 2011
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JJ Flash
The art of the of good organisation is surround yourself with fabulous people who don't need organising.

Fetchpoint is just a big party next to a marathon. I can't get over the way Fetchies can produce a party atmosphere out of nowhere. Even in the middle of an industrial estate. :) :)

Still feeling a glow.

Still talking in a croaky deep voiced kind of way from trying to keep up with you. :)
Oct 2011
8:30pm, 22 Oct 2011
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Crikey, only just seen this thread after being pointed to it. I did 3:31 and a great pb. Massive thanks to fetchpoint. :-) :-) :-)

Exciteabubble- thank you so much for the drinks organisation, you had my drink in your hand ready on both laps - absolutely brilliant !!!!

Enthusiastic - that must have been you at the front of fetchpoint - I was in black shorts and vest shouting "fetchie coming through" as I approached

Thank you all - terrific job - Abingdon Rocks :-)
Oct 2011
8:38pm, 22 Oct 2011
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Thank you RFR, it's because you shouted that I could be alert to get your bottle in time :-)

I wish others that I don't know so well had done the same as I'm sure I made them slow by a couple of seconds ;-)
Oct 2011
8:40pm, 22 Oct 2011
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Fenland Runner
You all did a fantastic job and if it hadn't been for you guys and gals I'd have really struggled. Top marks for Abingdon fetchpoint.

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For the best Fetchpointing experience outside of London come and help us at Abingdon Marathon next s...

The most fun you can have at a marathon without running it...

Find us here on Sunday http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msid=211713163598616596365.0004af184a4862ffe5afc&msa=0&ll=51.628141,-1.281281&spn=0.057223,0.110378 :)

The race starts at 8:45. We'll be there from about 8:30 to blow up ballons and start getting ready :)

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