A struggle getting out

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Oct 2017
2:40pm, 20 Oct 2017
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It's funny, I actually preferred the run commute option when I could do that. I'm not a great fan of cycling, but it is a possible.

The excuse I'm making myself there is that I'm not around to help get the kids ready for school as I have to leave home a bit earlier.

But I reckon that's an excuse I'm using to talk myself out of it.
Dec 2017
8:55am, 20 Dec 2017
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Now, it's taken a few weeks, but here's a couple of positive developments.

On Tuesdays, and sometimes Thursdays, because Mrs DG works we either have toast and something for tea, or we heat something up. On top of this, there's no mess from lunchtime as the girl is at her granny's. So washing up is a snap.

I've decided that I can squeeze 30 or 40 minutes in after the kids go to bed and before doing the washing up on those days.

And it turns out that Sainsbury's deliver groceries, which saves me another 90 minutes or so on a weekend, which I can fill with a run.

It's not much, but it's a start. And now I'm confident I can physically manage the commute, I'm hoping to squeeze one of those in after Xmas, too...
Dec 2017
9:38am, 20 Dec 2017
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Had to read back DG - has your wife got a diagnosis/recovered? I wondered whether you had thought of a slow cooker? We find ours a godsend on evenings where we run. It even means various members of the household can eat at different times if their timetables demand it! I hope 2018 is a bit easier on you all.
Dec 2017
10:23am, 20 Dec 2017
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Most recent thinking is hypothyroidism, so they're doing the thing where they give her a small dose of the medicine for a few weeks, do a blood test, and then up the dose. Not working yet.

The problem isn't so much the eating, and we're very keen on trying to keep mealtimes together if we can, but more a case of the aftermath, as the wife needs to get schoolwork done during the time the kids are in bed, so I need to minimise my housework as much as possible if I'm going to have time to run.

Even if I did as I used to and run at teatime, I'll still have to do my share of the housework after the kids are abed.
Dec 2017
9:21am, 21 Dec 2017
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Slow cooker might still help - one pot only to wash!
Sounds very hard for Mrs DG, hope things improve. It probably isn't much consolation, but it *does* get easier as the kids get older.
Dec 2017
11:02am, 21 Dec 2017
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I'm sure it does. The 7 year old is really quite self-sufficient right now. The biggest issue with him is his coming to parkrun rather messes up my training, but I absolutely love that hour if we have it.

Hopefully on Xmas day he'll stay in and play on his new Nintendo and I'll be able to run to parkrun.

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