A Song Of Ice And Fire thread (Game Of Thrones spoilers)

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Jun 2015
6:42am, 19 Jun 2015
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So crackpot theories abound:
1) George has already finished WoW and is well on the way to completing book 7 too. WoW will be released next year during the publicity campaign before series 6 is broadcast because that maximises the publicity and sales. Also this means that series 6 will be mainly book 6 plotlines.
2) Entertainment Weekly are in on the conspiracy to keep Jon Snow's eturn next season a secret. THey've been bought with access to the set and crew that other organisations simply aren't getting. It's a deal with the devil, though, as they are only doing positive reviews of the shows and so losing credibility with the hardcore fans.

Any thoughts?
Jun 2015
7:35am, 19 Jun 2015
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In this day and age, it would be some feat to keep such business under wraps but I wouldn't discount either of them as I find them both plausible.

I found this article interesting, most of which I could theorise myself, anyway.. telegraph.co.uk
May 2016
1:15pm, 5 May 2016
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Has anyoen thought about whether the Others are actually "bad"? Given that they are opposed by R'Hllor, who we know is into blood magic and burning children, are we sure that he's a good guy? Do we know that the three-eyed raven is not acting as a manipulator of power for evil reasons?

Go with me on this one:

Did you ever watch Babylon 5? Big sci-fi series in the early 90s. Long story arc with an alien race (The Shadows) cast as the bad guys and another alien race (The Vorlons) cast as mysterious but basically good, with the humans and other alien races being dragged into their fights and suffering as a result.

The climax (not the ending. There’s an obvious difference) comes when the younger races (Humans etc) discover that the Shadows and Vorlons are the last remaining “Ancient Ones” who are competing for control of the destiny of the younger races. The shadows through creating chaos, the Vorlons through maintaining order. The younger races eventually throw off these oppressive forces and choose to make their own way in the galaxy without the interferenece, relying on their own morals and ingenuity rather than the intervention of more powerful beings.

So back to A Song Of Ice and Fire:

The Great Other and R’Hllor represent 2 warring gods who are manipulating the humans to do their bidding (R’Hllor through subtle influence, The Great Other by creating zombie armies perhaps?)

The humans have come up with the Faith of the Seven, the only religion that we’ve seen that doesn’t actually seem to have any power and is completely man-made.

What if the Fot7 is simply the way the humans interpret their struggle against these opposing forces of Ice and Fire, and the eventual outcome is that R’hllor AND the Great Other are equally bad/manipulative/destructive. What if the whole thing is building to humans becoming their own thing without the need for magical/supernatural intervention? What if the Seven are the humans who are destined to combine in some way to overcome both Ice and Fire?

So who are the seven?

Crone – Melisandre
Warrior – Jon Snow
Mother – Danaerys
Stranger – Arya
Maiden – Sansa
Father – Jaime? Davos? The High Sparrow?

Smith – Gendry? – Too obvious or too obscure? Tyrion: He makes things happen rather than makes things.

I still don’t know how that works out as a plot in the next 2 books but is it crackpot or worth considering? Has it already been considered or am I actually being half-way original here?

Any thoughts?
May 2016
3:24pm, 5 May 2016
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Shortcut Cam
🤔 I see the similarities with B5. Also sounds like Lost come to think of it.
May 2016
5:57pm, 5 May 2016
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I never watched Lost.

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