A question for the medics...

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Mar 2017
9:18am, 3 Mar 2017
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Don't worry I am not asking for diagnosis/treatment plans. I just want some advice.

So, the situation is...

Three weeks ago I woke up and my right ankle was swollen. It doesn't hurt, its not tender, there is no discolouration/bruising, there are no lesions. I have no recollection of turning/twisting it. I have tried to keep it elevated as much as possible. Have iced occasionally (I know I should try and do this more but its not easy when at work). Rest is not in my vocabulary!

So after 3 weeks, it is still swollen. I don't want to waste anyone's time by making unnecessary appointments, but should I be seeking medical attention, and if so, who should I approach, GP, chiro, physio?
Mar 2017
11:47am, 3 Mar 2017
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I'm not a medic, but things to consider are:

Did it swell up overnight?
Does the swelling reduce during the day when you are mobile and return at night?
Photo? No discolouration, so that presumably means no cellulitis?
Just your R ankle, no L ankle involvement, even at a lesser degree?
Did you start any medication/supplements at the time the swelling started?
Do you have any wheeziness, shortness of breath, tiredness?
What colour is your urine, almost clear, dark yellow, or even brown? Are you thirsty?
Are your R inguinal lymph nodes swollen?
Do you have any pains, ache in that leg, particularly in the calf or at the back of the leg below the knee? Any increased warmth?
What is the state of the veins in that leg?
Do you have any underlying health conditions?

Hope the swelling gets resolved.
Mar 2017
11:51am, 3 Mar 2017
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Not a medic but I would go see GP if it was me.
Mar 2017
12:43pm, 3 Mar 2017
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Answering Flatlanders questions:

Yes, it did swell up overnight.
The swelling doesn't seem to change during the day.
Will try to upload photo later, but no discolouration.
Its just my right ankle. Left is fine.
No medication.
No wheeziness, shortness of breath. No more tired than usual.
Urine colour is very pale (except first thing in the morning!)
No swelling in inguinal lymph nodes.
No aches or pains anywhere.
Skin doesn't feel warm (or cold) to the touch.
Veins normal.
Only underlying health condition is Raynaud's.
Mar 2017
1:36pm, 3 Mar 2017
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See your GP.
Mar 2017
3:22pm, 3 Mar 2017
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Hope this works! Picture of ankle...

Mar 2017
5:45pm, 3 Mar 2017
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Just to reiterate, I'm not a medic.

Your answers suggest that it is unlikely you have disease of the lungs, heart, liver or kidneys.
Your photo shows no cellulitis and as there is no increased warmth it's unlikely to be an infection.
With no leg pain or warmth, it's probably not a DVT.
It could be a localised vascular problem. You write that you have very pale urine - do you drink a lot, are you thirsty?

As it has persisted for 3 weeks, I think you should get it checked by your GP as there may be an underlying problem. If it is due to an unremembered trauma, the GP can advise you to see a physio.
Mar 2017
11:49am, 4 Mar 2017
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So this morning I did a slow 15.75 miles on a mix of terrain. Got home and the majority of the swelling had disappeared! Just some local swelling round the lateral malleolus.
Mar 2017
12:47pm, 4 Mar 2017
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My sister had a swollen knee for months that could be very painful at times. She rested and rested and it didn't get any better. Then we did an off-road, really muddy Christmas 'silly' run dressed in togas (it was a pieathlon - our team name was 2pie'r'us and she was Piestaggerus). She'd already signed up and paid for it and we had had such a laugh the year before that she didn't want to miss it. After falling in puddles, tripping over tree roots and staggering around eating bits of pie, her knee stopped hurting and has been fine since. Bizarre!

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Don't worry I am not asking for diagnosis/treatment plans. I just want some advice.

So, the sit...

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