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68 yo first marathon looking for advice

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Aug 2017
3:39pm, 30 Aug 2017
First-time poster!!
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Any geezers here? I've signed up for the Paris marathon next April and seeking advice. Began running last April and now doing 4 to 5 miles every other day - slowly, 10-11 min/miles.

What training routine would you recommend? Or point me to a link that could help please.

Aug 2017
3:49pm, 30 Aug 2017
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Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
Hello! Welcome to fetch! I'm sure someone with lots of knowledge of marathon training plans will be along later to advise, I just made mine up as I went along :) Good luck!
Aug 2017
4:00pm, 30 Aug 2017
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Enjoy it :-)

I read a interesting article about veteran runners and how they shouldn't follow the standard training plans because they normally run on a 7 day cycle where an older runner (it was talking aged 50+) needs more recovery time so should do a plan over a 10 day cycle. That seemed to make a lot of sense to me.

I suppose an easy way to do that is pick your training plan and stick 3 extra rest days in there evenly through the week?

Hal Higdons plans are my favourite. Go with his beginner one.

I think the biggest risk of anyone training for their first marathon is over training and getting injured so as long as you build up slowly and make sure you do the right amount of rest then you'll be fine :-)
Aug 2017
4:21pm, 30 Aug 2017
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Hi, think about signing up for a few build up races like 10ks and maybe a couple of half marathons.

Do you have a local parkrun?

The key is to build up slowly and don't forget to take some easy weeks to allow body to recover.
Aug 2017
4:24pm, 30 Aug 2017
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Thanks FFF and Battlecat!

Great advice - I'm making it up now and can't believe how great I feel in just these few months that I've been running. And really enjoying it! Good tip on over training and I'll check out Hal Higdons. Cheers!
Aug 2017
4:59pm, 30 Aug 2017
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Welcome to Fetch :) I would only add that 10-11 min/miles is not that slow for a beginner, and as you build up your longest run in terms of distance you might want to slow down :)
Aug 2017
5:01pm, 31 Aug 2017
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Welcome to Fetch! There are quite a few of us of the more mature persuasion on here, and there's a thread on the forum for the Over 50s.

Well done on taking up running and lovely to see that you're enjoying it so much. I used to run, then life got in the way for 30 years and I took it up again just 4 years ago at the ripe old age of 57. I've got a bit addicted to it, and since getting back into it, I've run over 30 marathons. Doing parkruns and joining a running club have been the best things I've done to help my running. Most running clubs welcome and cater for runners of all abilities, so it might be worth looking at what's near you in the way of clubs and groups. Most will let you try a week or two with them before actually sign up.

I'm not very good with plans (mine are mostly of the 'run some, then run some more' variety, but that works fine for me) so probably not the best person to advise, but as others have said, definitely take it steady, increase the mileage slowly and include rest days and cut-back weeks to allow your body to adapt an

become stronger. If you click on Train in the red bar at the top of the page, then on Plan just underneath it, that'll take you to a page where there's a whole list of training plans on the right hand side, and you can have a look at those to see if any might suit.

Be aware that, annoyingly, older bodies can take longer to recover and rebuild after hard workouts, so look after yourself and don't let little niggles and twinges develop into serious injuries. A good pair of running shoes is probably the best investment you can make.

Hope you sort yourself out a good plan, and that you run your first marathon before too long!
Aug 2017
5:43pm, 31 Aug 2017
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Thanks Jabberknit, Autumnleaves & Ultracat!

Wow 30+ marathons, Jabber! I'll look into a local running club - thanks. I've been making it up as I go along since April. It seems comfortable to run about an hour one day then rest the next day, or have a bike ride or brisk walk. The marathon I have in mind is 7 mos away so was curious when I should start increasing my distances. I looked at Hal Higdon's 18 wks training and that looks good. So, thinking I'll just carry on until Dec when it's 18 wks out.

One other thing I wanted to ask is how do you guys do hydration? I suffered some cramping early on, not running but at night. Seems hard for me to stike a good balance - last night had to leave bed 3x to pee. I've got a prostate issue, not severe but have had a couple of bouts with it. Any pointers?

Many thanks for all your help - what a great community!
Aug 2017
8:18pm, 31 Aug 2017
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Definitely can't help with any prostate issues, phidip, not something that's ever likely to be a problem for me.

Various things are suggested for warding off cramp at night, such as adjusting your salt intake, taking magnesium supplements, drinking tonic water (the quinine's supposed to help), or stretching well after running - I'm sure there are many others. What works for one person might not work for others, so you might just have to experiment a bit!

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