50 different beers in 2022

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9 Aug
5:28pm, 9 Aug 2022
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Hertford Tiger
I agree Shere drop is a very good beer
10 Aug
12:43pm, 10 Aug 2022
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LouiseRuns ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ
Yep, championship beer.
10 Aug
3:19pm, 10 Aug 2022
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Ocelot Spleens
Regular Housekeeping

Keg (8)
Freedom Pale Ale, 4%.
Hyper Potion, Dig Brew, Pale, 6.5%
Light Bulb, Verdant, Pale, 4.5%
Heverlee, Blonde Lager (!), 4.8%
Stella, 5%
Neck Oil, 4.3%, Beaverton, Pale
Punk IPA, 5.2%, Brewdog
Morretti, Lager, 4.6%, Hot day.

Cans (30)
Phaedra, Pale Ale, Ponoma Island Brewery, Manchester, 5.3%
Table Service 3.2% cloudwater
Lagonda, Pale Ale, 5.0%, marble
Factotum Pale, Ponoma Island 4.0%
Sonoma Pale, Track Brewery, 3.8%
Vocation, New Musick, Hazy Pale Ale, 4%
Vocation, Love and Hate, NEIPA, 7.2%
Seven Brothers, Salford, Juicy IPA, 6.0%
Seven Brothers, Easy IPA, 4.7%
Gatekeeper, Buxton Brewery Porter, 4.1%
Buxton SPA, pale ale, 4.1%
Seven Brothers, Sabro IPA, 5%
Bunny Hop, Purity, GF, 3.5%
Snow Eater, Brass Cadtle, 4.8%
Billionaires Should Not Exist, Pressure Drop, NEIPA, 7.2%
Major Melter, pale/neipa, 5.1%, polly's Brewery
Myrcia, Session IPA, 4%, Buxton Brwery
Pint, bitter, 3.9%, Marble Beers
Pale Ale, 3.7%, Cloudwater
Happy Horses, 6.7%, Dubbed, Elusive Brewing
Visit The Mountains, 6.5%, IPA, Pressure Drop
Floret, Pale Ale, 4.5%, Polly's Brew
Arm Bar, Pale Ale,3.8%, Marble Beers, very good indeed.
Spur, NEIPA, 7.2%, Polly's Brew, Excellent.
Ever Since I was a Lower Case G, Pale Ale, 4.8%, Ponoma Island
Baby Jane's In Acapulco, Pale, 5.1%, Ponoma Island


People, Money, Space, Time, Hazy Pale, 3.8%, Verdant
Mosaic Pale, Thirst CLass, 4.7%
Elephant Hawk IPA, Thirst Class, 6.5%
British Pilsner, Utopian, 4.4%

Bottles (17)

Ichiban Shibori Premium, 5.5%, Kirin
La Chouffe Blonde, 8%
Spitfire, Shepherd Neame
La Choufe Blanche, 6.5%
Avalanche Fyne Ales 4.1%
Highlander., Fyne Ales, 4.8%
Jarl, Fyne Ales, Blonde, 3.8%
TITANIC,Burslem, Plum Porter, 5.9%
Inochi, IPA, 6.8% Torrside Brewery
Lightness, Pale Ale, 3.8%, Loch Ness
Beack Break, Pale Ale, 4%, Harbour Beers
Orkney Gold, Pale ALe, 4.5%
Stout Mary, Oatmeal Stout, 5%
Skye Red, Red Ale, 4.2%, Isle of Skye
The hopping Hare, Pale Ale, Badger
Ghost SHip, Pale, 4.5%, Adnams
ESB, Strong Bitter, 5.8%, Runaway Brewery

Cask (56)

Old Speckled Hen, 5.5%
Low Rider, 3.9%, Bristol Beer Factory/
Youngs Special London, 4.5%, Eagle
Citra, 4.2%, Oakham
Town Crier, 4.5%, Hobson's
4Ts American Pale Ale,4.0%
Unicorn, Robinsons, Golden Ale, 4.3%
Idaho American Pale Ale, 4.2%, Poynton Brewery.
Daily Bread Bitter, 3.8% Abbeydale, Sheffield.
Thwaites Original Bitter, 3.8%
Goffs, White Knight, 4.7%.
Settle, Old Smithy Porter,4.7%
Donkeystone, Modern bitter, 3.8%
Kaihe, NZ Pale Ale, Donkeystone, 5.0%
Super Hero, Tudor, Pale Ale, 4%
Stockport Brewery West Coast Pale, 4.7%
Buckeye Best Bitter, Hop Shed, 4.3%
Fireside Strong Best Bitter, Black Country Ales, 5.0%
BFG, Black Country, Golden, 4.3%
Ruby Treasure, 4.8%, Donkeystone Brewery, Oldham, Red Ale
Black Mountain Stout, 4%, Tudor Brewery, Llanhilleth
Citra Pale Ale, Robinson's, Stockport, 3.8%
Masterpiece IPA, Heritage Brewery, Burton-On-Trent, 5.6%
Ambitious, Mild, Stockport Brewery, 3.5%
Sole Survivor, Heritage Brewery, 4.3%
Moonraker Mild, Empire Brewery, 3.8%
Hopnik Citra IPA, Robinson's, 4.7%
Stag, Scottish Ale, 4.1%, Cairngorm
Red Cow, Bitter, 4.2%, StrathCarron
Golden Cow, Golden Ale, 3.8%, StrathCaron
Vital Spark, Dark Ale, 4.4%, Fyne Ales
Citra, Golden Ale, 4%, Bridge Beers
Hepcat, 4.6%, Session IPA, Gypsy Hill, excellent.
Mysterious Spectre, 5%, American Pale, Hackney
Kapow, 4.5%, English Pale, Hackney
Landlord, 4.3%, Tim Taylor
Manchester Pale Ale, 4.1%, JWLees
Bullion, Pale Ale, 4.7%, Nottingham Brewery
Union IPA, 5.5%, Signal Brewery
WestWay Pale, 3.8% Portobello Brewing
Hobgoblin IPA, 5.%, Wychwood
White Horse Bitter, 3.7%, White Horse
Best Bitter, 3.9%, Listers
Summertime, Golden, 4%, Listers
Atlantic, Pale, 4.2%, pale, Sharp's
Gale's Seafarer's ale, Bitter, 3.6%
Cell COunt, Pale, 4.5%, Tap Social Movement
Let the Dragon See the Wolf, Golden, 4.5%, Oxford brewery
Headless, Pale .9%, Redwillow
Jester Brew 6, Mango IPA, 5%, Goffs,


Hen Cloud, Pale, Wincle, 3.9%
New Normal, Box Steam, Session IPA, 4.3%
Citra, Golden Ale, Millstone, 4%
Spey's Cadet, Spey Valley, Session IPA, 4.5%
APA, Lister's, 4.2%
Hat-Trick, Kelchner, Triple Hopped Pale!, 4.1%

111! I think I Might make 50 cans, 100 cask, but not very much more bottle and keg!
10 Aug
6:51pm, 10 Aug 2022
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Very diligent record keeping. I've given up - will need to go through the beer lists from the festivals I've been to recently.
10 Aug
9:33pm, 10 Aug 2022
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Ocelot Spleens
I owe it to everyone for starting the thread in the first place!
12 Aug
8:02pm, 12 Aug 2022
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33. (bottle) Shipyard Low Tide Pale Ale (0.5%). I had this one in between a couple of 'real' beers, and it was noticeably thinner, but tastewise it was fine.

I don't think I'll seek it out, but I'd be happy to drink it again.
13 Aug
6:28pm, 13 Aug 2022
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Angus Clydesdale
I like that Low Tide. It's nice for a non-beer.

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Maintained by Ocelot Spleens
I like a pint.

I think this is not too controversial health wise. Lots of beers about these days. I thought I might make it 50 new beers, but that would mean me turning down one I like, so different it was.

So far. Some were half's.

Table Service 3.2% cloudwater
Lagonda, Pale Ale, 5.0%, marble
Old Speckled Hen, 5.5%
Low Rider, 3.9%, Bristol Beer Factory
Ichiban Shibori Premium, 5.5%, Kirin
Youngs Special London, 4.5%, Eagle
Citra, 4.2%, Oakham
Town Crier, 4.5%, Hobson's

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