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100 Running Words

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Dec 2016
5:40am, 6 Dec 2016
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And from me:

MTBing though, not running! (Code violation!)
Dec 2016
8:51pm, 17 Dec 2016
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Very very belatedly....

Jan 2017
5:23pm, 5 Jan 2017
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I wrote a second one, which I'm not that happy with, but it records an absolutely breathtaking run to a deserted medieval village in the middle of the moors on a magical December morning and as I've something else to write about on my blog, and I couldn't get it right, I thought put it up , warts and all.

Jan 2017
5:56pm, 5 Jan 2017
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The Scribbler
I've been trying to get back to this thread - thanks to Chrisull for prompting me. I thought this had maybe run its course, and there we are - another lovely vignette.
Do you know you are over 50 of these 100 running words pieces on Fetch? It's tricky to count through this thread, but there are.
I'm working my way through the MOTM questions in which 100 words features too.
Aug 2017
12:36pm, 25 Aug 2017
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A few months ago


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This is the forum thread for the running and writing project that I'm calling 100 Running Words. If...

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