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Sub 3Hr Marathon
Created by AlanO Last post by jda
jda 25421 17th Feb
Created by Joopsy Last post by HowFar?
HowFar? 1262 17th Feb
The 4 Hour Marathon Thread
Created by *Anj* Last post by linda c
linda c 3022 17th Feb
Fetchie Flab Fighters
Created by Mandymoo Last post by geordiegirl
geordiegirl 1801 17th Feb
I Will Not Overeat Today.
Created by heebiejeebie Last post by Isabella
Isabella 7342 17th Feb
Fetch Fell Runners
Created by Two Towels. Last post by Northern Exile
Northern Exile 7054 17th Feb
Created by Binks Last post by Canute
Canute 25010 17th Feb
Route Picture of the Day Appreciation Thread
Created by SusiesueH Last post by McGoohan
McGoohan 3982 17th Feb
Uni Challenge and Only Connect 2019 to 2020
Created by Wriggling Snake Last post by Wriggling Snake
Wriggling Snake 45 17th Feb
Wind watch. Have you got wind?
Created by Tomsmum Last post by 57.5 Degrees of Pain
57.5 Degrees of Pain 444 17th Feb
World Marathon Majors - a 6 star quest
Created by Rog T Last post by Rog T
Rog T 113 17th Feb
Created by GlennR Last post by GlennR
GlennR 819 17th Feb
Book Group
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by McGoohan
McGoohan 16328 17th Feb
Ride London 100
Created by lammo Last post by Meglet
Meglet 211 17th Feb
X Miles = X Words
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by alpenrose
alpenrose 2072 17th Feb
Morning Light: The Fetchland Gardening Wire
Created by GregP Last post by D2
D2 4122 17th Feb
The sub 1:30 half thread
Created by Bree Last post by Nelly
Nelly 5679 17th Feb
What minor disaster has befallen you today?
Created by WA Last post by Mazlin
Mazlin 1290 17th Feb
Greater Manchester Marathon 2020
Created by Nelly Last post by larkim
larkim 398 17th Feb
Inane Local Facebook Watch - Have You Got Inane Local Facebook?
Created by Maclennane Last post by spendap
spendap 1443 17th Feb
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