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London Marathon 2020
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Fitz 94 9th Oct
why is swimming so hard?
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rhb 703 9th Oct
Good song titles (not necessarily good songs)
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Great British Bake Off
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Yorkshire talk about now't thread :-)
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I'v just eaten a .....
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Music Videos that do nothing for the song
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Cardiff Half Marathon - pre and post race thread
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The Iron Curtain Trail
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Long Run Fuelling
Created by geordiegirl Last post by geordiegirl at 9th Oct
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A cold has started a few days before a marathon.... what is best?
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Doctor K Celebration parkrun
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Wednesday Watcherthon
Created by Stander Last post by ThorntonRunner at 9th Oct
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Brodie Castle 10k
Created by Old Croc Last post by Old Croc at 9th Oct
Old Croc 101 9th Oct
Support thread for students, mature and otherwise...
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The sub 3.45 Marathon Thread
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Fetcheveryone Running Club (FERC)
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by DocMoye at 9th Oct
DocMoye 8577 9th Oct
Meaningless product descriptions
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Dvorak 3437 9th Oct
Half marathon to Marathon training
Created by Gazza Last post by roberton at 8th Oct
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The sub 3.30 marathon thread
Created by Keefy Beefy Last post by Oscar the grouch at 8th Oct
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