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Talk running, biking, swimming... or whatever you like.
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Created by Joopsy Last post by Joopsy at 17th Feb
Joopsy 231 17th Feb
Mince pie count
Created by Maclennane Last post by Columba at 17th Feb
Columba 869 17th Feb
Strictly Come Dancing 2018 (yes, already!)
Created by minardi Last post by Surrey Phil at 17th Feb
Surrey Phil 1632 17th Feb
Stamford 30k 2019
Created by Old Man Last post by Old Man at 16th Feb
Old Man 8 16th Feb
knitting, crocheting and general craftery
Created by runner duck Last post by Garfield at 16th Feb
Garfield 18114 16th Feb
Created by Raemond Last post by Raemond at 16th Feb
Raemond 83 16th Feb
How Many Races have you done this year?
Created by rf_fozzy Last post by chunkywizard at 16th Feb
chunkywizard 226 16th Feb
Meaningless product descriptions
Created by GregP Last post by ChrisHB at 16th Feb
ChrisHB 3068 16th Feb
Boston Marathon 2019
Created by BigChiefRunningBore Last post by Velociraptor at 16th Feb
Velociraptor 69 16th Feb
FE Lake District Lovers
Created by Northern Exile Last post by Northern Exile at 16th Feb
Northern Exile 879 16th Feb
Happy birthday Santababy
Created by geordiegirl Last post by northernslowcoach at 16th Feb
northernslowcoach 7 16th Feb
How was your run today?
Created by soapyFez Last post by Garfield at 16th Feb
Garfield 36321 16th Feb
The Kit Kat Thread
Created by Wriggling Snake Last post by Wriggling Snake at 16th Feb
Wriggling Snake 37 16th Feb
Thames Bridges challenge
Created by McGoohan Last post by Serendippily at 16th Feb
Serendippily 8339 16th Feb
I'v just eaten a .....
Created by Beejay Last post by Paul N at 16th Feb
Paul N 12715 16th Feb
Boston (USA) 2019
Created by HappyG(rrr) Last post by SailorSteve at 16th Feb
SailorSteve 48 16th Feb
A nice bridge
Created by NDWDave Last post by NDWDave at 16th Feb
NDWDave 100 16th Feb
Run Walk Run
Created by RevBarbaraG Last post by GregP at 16th Feb
GregP 1393 16th Feb
My name's Duffo and i'm an....Archers Addict
Created by Duffo Last post by Helegant at 15th Feb
Helegant 4052 15th Feb
When did you last give blood?
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by Fragile Do Not Bend at 15th Feb
Fragile Do Not Bend 2831 15th Feb
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