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Do you have an ARF?
Created by BigChiefRunningBore Last post by NDWDave at 13th Dec
NDWDave 376 13th Dec
Silly Games
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by Wine Legs at 13th Dec
Wine Legs 94 13th Dec
5:30+ marathon training schedule - looking for some advice
Created by jennyh Last post by um at 13th Dec
um 20 13th Dec
5,000 press ups in 2018
Created by NDWDave Last post by Columba at 13th Dec
Columba 1045 13th Dec
The sub 3.30 marathon thread
Created by Keefy Beefy Last post by Oscar the grouch at 13th Dec
Oscar the grouch 11118 13th Dec
Terrible Joke Thread
Created by auburnette Last post by Stander at 13th Dec
Stander 7 13th Dec
PSA - Potential GPS watch stocking filler bargain?
Created by lark-the-herald-angels-sing-im Last post by lark-the-herald-angels-sing-im at 13th Dec
lark-the-herald-angels-sing-im 3 13th Dec
Scottish Runners 2018
Created by princesszee Last post by Ally-C at 13th Dec
Ally-C 1162 13th Dec
Basic Triathlon questions from those who don't know
Created by parkbench Last post by Gobi at 13th Dec
Gobi 7205 13th Dec
Pro cycling thread
Created by SPR Last post by MudMeanderer at 13th Dec
MudMeanderer 4810 13th Dec
Fetch Appeal! :-)
Created by Merry Christmas and Happy NewG(rrr) Last post by Merry Christmas and Happy NewG(rrr) at 13th Dec
Merry Christmas and Happy NewG(rrr) 7 13th Dec
It's beginning to look a lot like....
Created by Maclennane Last post by DingdocMerrilyonHigh at 13th Dec
DingdocMerrilyonHigh 55 13th Dec
Aberdeen Fetch Mile- anyone interested?
Created by Nywanda Last post by Metro_Nome at 13th Dec
Metro_Nome 22193 13th Dec
Wednesday Lurkerthon
Created by GregP Last post by GlennR at 13th Dec
GlennR 59543 13th Dec
Boston Marathon 2019
Created by BigChiefRunningBore Last post by minardi at 12th Dec
minardi 11 12th Dec
Boston Marathon 2019 (UK edition)
Created by minardi Last post by minardi at 12th Dec
minardi 4 12th Dec
Who are all the single Fetchies!!
Created by Ultra Kazzaaaaah!! Last post by Hanneke at 12th Dec
Hanneke 144456 12th Dec
Open water swimming vs Pool swimming
Created by jamesmcf Last post by Sweetie at 12th Dec
Sweetie 3 12th Dec
Boston MArathon 2019
Created by HappyG(rrr) Last post by SailorSteve at 12th Dec
SailorSteve 29 12th Dec
Disgusting people at the gym
Created by McGoohan Last post by beebop at 12th Dec
beebop 1580 12th Dec