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Talk running, biking, swimming... or whatever you like.
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Sub 3Hr Marathon
Created by AlanO Last post by jdarun at 14th Dec
jdarun 22947 14th Dec
Not entirely mundane thread
Created by NDWDave Last post by Eynsham the Red knows rain dear at 14th Dec
Eynsham the Red knows rain dear 1800 14th Dec
Do you duo? LINGO that is.
Created by Sharkie Last post by McGoohan at 14th Dec
McGoohan 5736 14th Dec
December hugathon
Created by Tiggia Last post by HellsBells at 14th Dec
HellsBells 5424 14th Dec
Created by Discovery Dave Last post by decorum at 14th Dec
decorum 951 14th Dec
What's making you smile today?
Created by Iris Last post by Night-owl at 14th Dec
Night-owl 6457 14th Dec
Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.
Created by Sharkie Last post by D2Turtledoves at 14th Dec
D2Turtledoves 14591 14th Dec
Created by GregP Last post by g1ngerrevolution at 14th Dec
g1ngerrevolution 227675 14th Dec
1 calorie per KG of bodyweight per KM travelled
Created by Kieren Last post by GlennR at 14th Dec
GlennR 48 14th Dec
Created by Sir Pabsey - Knight of Fetch Last post by Ted at 14th Dec
Ted 6275 14th Dec
The Streaky Bacon Thread
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by FRU (KeepTheFaith) at 14th Dec
FRU (KeepTheFaith) 17493 14th Dec
When did you last give blood?
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by mrs shanksi at 14th Dec
mrs shanksi 2742 14th Dec
Fetch Declutterers
Created by Night-owl Last post by Columba at 14th Dec
Columba 2838 14th Dec
the vaporfly thread
Created by Windsor Wool Last post by Gobi at 14th Dec
Gobi 66 14th Dec
The benefits of giving up alcohol!
Created by Finders Last post by Groundhog at 14th Dec
Groundhog 17403 14th Dec
Post your CTRL+V
Created by jeremy Last post by Goofee at 14th Dec
Goofee 9422 14th Dec
The Yoga Every (well, some) Days Thread
Created by Fierce and Fearless Fleecy Last post by halfpint of mulled cider at 14th Dec
halfpint of mulled cider 293 14th Dec
Happy Birthday Fetch!
Created by Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Last post by fetcheveryone at 14th Dec
fetcheveryone 11 14th Dec
A nice bridge
Created by NDWDave Last post by Derby Tup at 14th Dec
Derby Tup 93 14th Dec
Apprentice 2018
Created by Weean Last post by Chrisity at 13th Dec
Chrisity 80 13th Dec