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The place to talk about anything to do with running, or chocolate, or anything - it's up to you. This is a running site, but a lot of the folks who hang round here are usually trying to avoid working, and will chat about anything.

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Autism Jono. 860 09:45
depression Serendippily 23710 12th Nov
Low serum ferritin/ anaemia PenW 9 3rd Nov
Osteitis Pubis - anyone had it? Fitz 26 30th Oct
Tri Fracture of the ankle Dawnp 4 15th Oct
Metatarsalgia (collapsed metatarsal head) phidip 2 5th Oct
Posterior tibial tendonitis Cotty67 6 4th Oct
Hamstring Niggle idle_wilder 1 24th Sep
Digitus Rigidus - Stiff big toe, anyone else have this? Cyclops 24 22nd Sep
Planter fasciitis steve45 2 21st Sep
Popping/bubbly Achilles Autumnleaves 4 11th Sep
Foot pain? PenW 1 2nd Sep
Cramping and hydration, or heat 'injury' HappyG(rrr) 4 9th Aug
Help! Any doctors / dermatologists in the forum tonight? Lemon10 14 6th Aug
Injury? What would you do? Sharkie 20 31st Jul
suspicion of glaucoma DoricQuine 21 25th Jul
pi55ed off corner like the injured bench but with attitude x x x AndrewS 1309 19th Jul
Put me on the INJURED STEP HappyG(rrr) 1032 19th Jul
Big toe, possibly broken Dawnp 8 18th Jul
Impact injuries Little Miss Happy 7 17th Jul
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