Help! An annoying ad that is interfering with my Fetch usage!

It's an unfortunate one that seems to be very difficult to resolve. To explain what happens: I add a snippet of code to all my pages, which is copy-pasted from Google's Ad website. The same code is used by millions of other sites, and it gives Google permission to display their ads on our pages. Whilst they normally do a decent job of ensuring that the advertisers play by the rules, sometimes there's an error or loophole that allows an undesirable or malformed ad through.

Because the ads served are all unique to us as individual viewers, it's impossible to recreate what you're seeing (beyond a screenshot, which illustrates the problem, but doesn't offer any insights into the underlying code). So it's difficult to diagnose exactly what's going on. However, the answer lies in the two little buttons on the top right corner of the ad. One of them allows you to report the ad direct to Google - and if enough people do that, the ad will get pulled, or at least flagged for investigation.

Ads are an important part of the way Fetch is funded - we can't do without them. But if you're willing to make a small contribution to help support the site, I can turn them off for you.

Did that help?
If not, please send some feedback for further help.

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