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London Marathon Fetchpoint

Since Fetch began, 4295 of us have run in the London Marathon (you know, that one off the telly). And we've not been alone - London Marathon Fetchpoint has been a firm fixture in the Fetch calendar for over ten years.

If you're a runner in need of a boost from some friendly faces, just join the runners group, and we'll be in touch a bit closer to the day, to let you know how we can help you. And similarly, if you'd like to support your fellow runners with us, we'd love to see you - join the supporters group for more information.

If you've got any special requests, like some flat coke, a can of White Lightning, or a cattle-prod to your nether regions, let us know. Every runner is allocated to a team of supporters - so we do our best to look after your needs.

After the race, we will pick a pub to meet up for a post-match pint, and to hear all your stories of triumph and disaster. Katie and I will be there from beginning to end, and can't wait to see you all.

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